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Big Changes Coming to the Blog… What They Mean for You

You guys, as I mentioned earlier this week, we have some BIG changes coming to the blog.  To be specific Semi-Sweet Tooth is being transferred from to a different webhost.  There’s a variety of reasons for this, but the primary one is that we’ve outgrown big pieces of WordPress’ offerings.  While they’re technically able to handle our number of monthly visitors, we don’t have much space for growth.  Moving to a different web host, but still designing the site through WordPress will allow me to personalize Semi-Sweet Tooth to what YOU want and what inspires YOU to create a great life.

What this means for you

If you subscribe via email, you’re all good.  You’ll likely be asked to verify your subscription one more time, but other than that, you’ll be good to go.  HOORAY!

If you subscribe via the WordPress reader, one of two things will happen:

  1. You’ll be asked to verify and change your subscription via email, or…
  2. You’ll have to re-subscribe starting early next week

**Either way, if you want to keep your subscription and want to take action now, then go ahead and change your subscription to be via email today!  Then you’ll be taken car of stat!**

Changes to the email notifications

Please be aware that rather than emailing you for every new post, I’m going to be changing your emails to be more of a “newsletter” format, likely once a week.  This will decrease your emails, but make sure that you’re completely up to date on everything Semi-Sweet Tooth related.  I’ll still be updating the blog at least once a day, so feel free to check back anytime, but this will decrease clutter in your inboxes.  Phew!

Days related to the change

A quick FYI that Semi-Sweet Tooth will be in a “transitional phase” until Tuesday of next week.  You’ll be able to view content, but it’s going to be moving and looking different every day.  The big reveal is scheduled for NEXT TUESDAY!


Are you subscribed via email?

Fellow bloggers, do you have any questions about self-hosting?  I’m still learning, but I’d be happy to share what I know thus far!  A rising tide lifts all ships, so let’s keep sharing knowledge across the community!

Create a great life!

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