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Weird Signs You Might Be Unhealthy

These weird signs that you might be unhealthy might be something to look out for if they happen to you.  Please note that I am NOT a doctor and you should always reach out to your personal health practitioner and trust their opinion over my own. (Feature image source.)

In this day and age of “googling” every symptom under the sun, I can’t be the only one that has thought that I had some crazy illness just because my eyes were watering or I had a stuffy nose.  But the truth is that when our bodies are acting strange compared to our everyday rhythm, they should be something that we watch a little bit more carefully.

To keep you from going all hypochondriac on me, know that these symptoms could mean very little.  They could just be pertaining to your salt intake or simply a sign that you need more water, among other things.

But do pay attention to these and other changes if they happen out of the blue.  Your body is constantly giving you signs of it’s current condition – but you have to intentionally pay attention to them to notice.

With that in mind, here are some weird signs that you might be unhealthy.

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Ice Cravings

This one is an interesting one, and it’s one that has actually happened to me.

While craving ice cubes can mean a variety of things – a hot day, pregnancy, etc – craving ice also has the potential to mean an iron deficiency.

While you should go talk to your doc, some research says that you should try out some iron rich foods, as well.  Meals involving red meat or iron-fortified ingredients might be part of, if not the, answer.

Chapped Lips

Living in the mountains for as long as I have, I’m fully familiar with the fact that chapped lips can regularly occur due to external factors.  High winds, too much sunshine, or any number of dry weather conditions can absolutely create dry, overly chapped lips.

However, if you are consistently getting chapped lips no matter the weather, then I suggest that you first check on your water intake.  Chapped lips are usually a great indicator of dehydration, so don’t just continue mask the issue with chap stick!

Stinky Breadth

Perhaps it’s TMI, but it’s also honest – we all get stinky breadth every once in a while.  But if it’s something that’s consistent and you cannot get rid of it no matter what you do, then it might be something to get checked out.

Chronic bad breadth can be one of the early signs of gingivitis, which, if not handled early, can become a series of serious gum diseases.  Better get that oral hygiene checked if you want to keep those pearly whites in perfect shape!

Consistent, Terrible Dreams

According to many sleep experts, dreams usually get more and more pleasant throughout the evening during our sleep cycles.  This allows your system to wake up in the morning in a calm and relaxed state.

But, if you’re having bad dreams through the night consistently, then it could be a sign of too much stress in your life.

We all have some seasons of life that are more stressful than others, but making sure that we get enough sleep, or more sleep than usual, in those times of stress can ease these dream.  Also, try to avoid too much sugar, caffeine, or alcohol (aka stimulants) before bed so that you can wake up in the morning well rested and ready to take on the day!

You Start Getting Shorter

Many times, getting shorter is correlated to aging.  And that makes sense, to an extent, but this is a symptom that can honestly happen at any time.

Getting shorter can be a sign of osteoporosis, meaning that your bones might not be entirely healthy.  Some suggestions for how you might be able to reduce this include adding more calcium & vitamin D to your diet, doing more weight-bearing exercises, and adding more meditation & yoga to your workout regimen.

At the end of the day… the important thing is to pay attention to your body and what it’s telling you.  Where should you consider adding different forms of nutrition, exercise, or mindfulness practices into your day?  What elements make you feel like your happiest, healthiest, and most whole self?

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