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Creating a Morning Routine (You’ll Actually Do)

My morning routine has changed quite a bit over the years.  When I was working full time, in addition to full time blogging, I wrote a post that showed the structure involved in that season of my life.  WOW, has it changed. I’ve now been working almost 100% from home for 8 years and, while my morning routine is still very structured, it has changed A LOT.

For whatever reason, I feel so much more productive when I get up, get ready for the day, and spend a little bit of time prepping for the day before jumping right onto my computer.  I feel like I have more of a purpose, more relaxed throughout the rest of the day, and I have much more fun with the activities that follow.

My Current Morning Routine

I don’t want to go into too much detail because you should find what works for YOU, rather than following anything that works for me. We all have different wake up times, seasons of life, people and pets depending on us, and the list goes on. Though I will share the few things I always try to do before ever looking at any text message, missed call, or email. They are:

  • Do a 5-15 minute meditation with NeuroPraxis
  • Drink salt or electrolyte water to help me feel more hydrated
  • Read my Bible and devotional (it’s under $10!)
  • Journal via stream-of-consciousness

This typically takes around 30 minutes and I simply feel so centered and ready to take on the day afterwards. I’m not perfect – sometimes it’s one of these pieces at a time, sometimes it’s all – but all feel beneficial to me. I’ve also found that when we’re looking forward to the first things we going to do in the day, it’s easy to get out of bed in the mornings.

Add How to Create a Morning Routine

How to Create Your Own Morning Routine

So here’s the challenge: How can you make a morning routine that works for YOU in your current season of life?

Take the time to write out or think through what you’re ideal morning includes.  What do you love to do when you’re on vacation or have nothing urgent on your plate?  Maybe it’s spend more time relaxed with your kids. Maybe it’s a longer walk with you pup? Maybe it’s a BA workout at the gym.

And then, here’s the kicker… wake up early enough to fit those things into your day.  At least give it a shot.  Afterwards, if you prefer taking those extra 30 minutes to just sleep, then go back to that routine knowing that’s how your day is supposed to start.

I would venture to say that the mornings are the most important part of our day.  It is up to us to allow ourselves to wake up on the right side of the bed.  You are worth the time.


What does your ideal morning look like?

What do you struggle with in the mornings?

Create a great life!

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