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Weekly Favorites

In this series, I highlight some of my favorite finds from across the week.  Whether they’re informational links, awesome new products, or fun pictures, I hope you enjoy!  If you’re interested in seeing past Weekly Favorites, check out past posts here.


In my dreams, I follow this perfectly. But honestly, this has some great ideas of ways to break down cleaning into bite-sized pieces to have a clean home.


unnamed (3)  A group of nine other girls and myself decided on a random girl night to go see If/Then with Idina Menzel.  It was INCREDIBLE!  Obviously Idina was fantastic, but the entire musical was fantastic.  It was about how small choices you make drive larger changes longer term.  Kind of like a real world Avenue Q honestly.  I recommend.  Plus, look at that entry to the theater!


This article by Six Sisters’ Stuff highlights 50 Fun & Cheap Date Ideas.  The variety is perfect for both new and well established couples.  Some have already made it onto the calendar Ray and I to share!  When you see us exploring on a four-wheeler, you’ll know why. 😉

862d2d4822ece8a63e16be63f611e413 I spotted this picture on Pinterest and find it absolutely incredible.  Not only does it instantly grab the viewer’s attention, but she’s showing a fantastic array of emotions without saying anything at all.  Stunning.


Can’t wait to try this Healthy 1 Minute Vanilla Cake.  It’s Vegan, Paleo, and High-Protein.  Plus, Arman, the blogger, is an amazing writer that is so honest to the reader.  Definitely worth checking out!


What have been some of your favorite find this week?  What are you most looking forward to in the week ahead?

Create a great life!

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