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New Product Trial: Acure Moroccan Argan Oil

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I know, I know… I’m probably the only female worldwide that hasn’t tried moroccan oil.  But nonetheless, I knew it was time to cave.  Now, a quick caveat here, that I have thin strands of hair, but a ton of them.  As girls with thin strands know, we typically avoid oil-based products, no matter the wild phenomenon that product might be.  I also have “normal” skin (aka, not super dry, nor super oily.)


unnamed (4) Who doesn’t love a good, early AM selfie?!

Gotta’ admit, I loved the argan moroccan oil, but not in the way I thought I would.  It was FANTASTIC for my skin and I loved using it as a replacement for my usual lotion to wake up my skin and give it a bit of moisture.  It will definitely be used (and needed) as we transition into the colder seasons.  But, that being said, I will never use it again for my hair.  With thin strands, even with a light amount of product, it made my hair looked almost instantly greasy.  Yes, my hair was smooth and silky, but but I prefer my hair looking clean and using other products as a smoothing agent.

Overall, I would buy this product again, but I would not plan to use it as a hair product.  I expect to run out of it fairly quickly, as I’ll use it as a face and body lotion (once/day) moving forward.


Are you a fan of moroccan oil products?  What new products have you recently tried that you’d recommend?

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