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Wedding Wednesday: Picking a Date

Rather than talking about wedding goodness everyday (like I did last week, sorry about that!), I’ll be keeping the majority of my wedding updates to a new Wedding Wednesday series.  Also, if you’ve missed any updates, please check the new wedding category created that’s available on the sidebar.

First up: Picking a Wedding Date

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Prior to making any moves regarding booking a venue, I highly recommend narrowing down the calendar to specific weeks that will work for you, your family, and your closest friends.  When checking this task off your list, there are a few pieces to consider:

1) What key dates do you want to avoid?

Truth be told, I’ve always dreamed of a Fall wedding.  But, more importantly, I’ve always dreamed of those closest to me being there to celebrate our special day!  Key dates that we decided to work around include holidays when many like to celebrate with their families, important school days (graduations, standard testing days), and… hockey season.  When it comes to a large portion of our close friends, many still play hockey, so we’ve decided to work around the season.  This narrowed down our time period to be the back half of June through the end of August.

2) What time of year will match the weather you dream of for your wedding?

Since we’ve already decided to have a Summer wedding, we want sun, but we’d also love for our venue to truly look like the mountainous region we know and love.  Truth be told, it rains every day in Colorado for at least 20 minutes.  But then it’s done.  (It’s crazy I tell ya, CRAZY!)   With this in mind, we’ve cut out August to hit the true Summer in our beautiful state, while still potentially being able to see a bit of snow on the mountain tops.

3) More important, the date or the venue?

If you have availability after step 1 & 2, then I’m going to highly suggest having as much flexibility as possible in looking for venues.  Raymond and I have felt a lot less stress being able to look for our perfect venue, rather than having to find a venue that’s available for our perfect date.  But, if you have to narrow it down to one day, then do so.  What’s meant to be will be!

…and with that said, Ray and I are looking for our perfect, Colorado venue for late June through the end of July.  This allows our close friends and family to be able to celebrate by our side, while also allowing us the flexibility to find the venue that best speaks to us.  I can’t wait!


What other tips do you have in picking your wedding date?  Which season is your favorite to celebrate weddings?

Create a great life!

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