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I Vow…

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Guys.  I looked like a crazy person all weekend because of my non-stop happy tears, but I am beyond excited.  Ray and I are engaged!  I was totally surprised, down to the fact that I am wearing hiking boots and my shirt that says, “can’t ban these guns” with arrows pointing to my biceps in all pictures surrounding our engagement.  I know, I know… most people would say “classy” upon first viewing.  But really now…

The full story will be shared, but first, I wanted to make a few vows to you, my loyal readers.  Because you guys rock, and because I love reading your blogs.  (In the spirit of blogging community, I hope you continue to read mine, as well. 🙂 )

My vows to you, my favorite readers:

1) This will not become a crazy wedding-lady blog.  I fully intend to continue talking about workouts, recipes, fashion, and random musings.  And I intend for not all random musings to involve wedding planning.  But…

2) I will share my experiences as Ray and I travel through this journey.  Ray and I have no idea what we’re doing, so it should be hilarious and a whole lotta’ fun.  I promise to share every experience I can, either to help you in planning a big event… or just because I guarantee the majority of them will be incredibly humorous.

3) I will continue to write.  I’ve fallen in love with this blogging “thing” more than I thought I would.  Yes, it’s time consuming.  But, more importantly… it’s FUN!  If you guys promise to keep reading, then I promise to keep writing.

4) I will let you know what cake flavors we select the minute they are selected.  Get excited.

You guys rock my socks off!


What have been your favorite parts of weddings you’ve attended, either as a guest or getting married yourself?  Do you have any tips going into planning this big day?

Create a great life!

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