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Top 10 Fitness Bloggers to Follow

While I consider Semi-Sweet Tooth to be a lifestyle blog, it’s solidly focused primarily on health and overall mind/body wellness, with balance on the other pieces of my life.

Fitness bloggers were the first ones I read religiously, and are still my go-to blogs every morning when I hop on the computer.  Check out my favorite reads below…

Top 10 Fitness Bloggers to Follow

The Bikini Experiment

Lauren over at The Bikini Experiment is an expert when it comes to effective workouts and nutrition.  She consistently provides effective workouts, weight training tutorials (all about that good form!), and quick, simple recipes.  She is all about being your confident, best self and recognizes that your fittest self comes when your mind and body are both healthy and aligned.  You’ll definitely learn something new every time you stop by this page.

Itz Linz

Itz Linz follows Linz, who has probably the sweetest little one in her son William.  She doesn’t really provide workouts, but more shares information about her healthy life, showing that it is possible to balance a hectic life while being healthy.  As a teacher and single mom, Linz is honest about what works for her so that she can fit fitness into her life.  She shares where she gets her recipes and allows us into her life by openly talking about everything from her divorce to her commitment to all-natural cleaning products.  Definitely a fun read.

One Twenty Five

One Twenty Five is an unreal blog written by a South African / Canadian gal named Liz, who is absolutely adorable in every way.  She’s gone from 203 pounds to 154 pounds and has documented the entire journey.  She’s real, smart, funny, and travels a lot.   Liz provides consistent updates on her weight loss journey, the races she runs, and the things in life keeping her inspired.

Live Life Active

Erin over at Live Life Active is a refreshing voice in the fitness-modeling industry.  She readily admits that figure-modeling shape is not a shape that’s realistic to maintain long-term, and she’s open to discussing the pressures related to the industry.  Erin makes her space on the internet even more fun to read by mixing in discussions of her recent favorite fashion trends and DIY home projects.


A Lady Goes West

A Lady Goes West follows Ashley Pitt, a San Francisco based blogger that openly shares everything from her weekly workouts to tracking full days of meals for updates across the week.  Similar to my focus with Semi-Sweet Tooth, Ashley is committed to a life of balance, and that means that she’ll talk about everything from Les Mills workouts to “Vanderpump Rules” to her recently announced pregnancy.  A fun read written by someone you’ll want to be your new best friend.


Girls Gone Strong

Girls Gone Strong is more than a traditional blog, because it’s a complete resource of knowledge related to workouts, recipe tips, and ground-breaking science.  Along with their team of nine world-class advisors, these girls provide an intense level of information so that women of all shapes, sizes, ages, ability levels, and athletic backgrounds have they information they need to be educated fitness gurus.  Pop by GGS for some intense knowledge.



My Goodness follows Jordyn’s fitness side of her life with awesome monthly challenges and tips for fitting in fitness into your busy life.  Small tidbits about her pups, her new baby, and religion also sneak in to keep the blog personal, but she is straightforward that her place on the internet is focused on fitness and health.  Follow Jordyn for weekly inspiration to get yourself to the gym and take your workouts to the next level.


Julia Buckley Fitness

Julia Buckley is a trainer and published author (The Fat Burning Revolution) who shares amazing tips and free workouts each and every day.  She’s an online trainer based in London and her workouts are fierce.  But I think I appreciate her inspirational posts even more than her traditional workout posts.  Sometimes I’m just craving real reads such as, “How to workout like you love your body – not like you hate it” or “When you feel like you can’t go on…”  Read Julia’s blog for some serious self-love.



Gina, over at The Fitnessista, is a military wife that shares great fitness tips each day.  However, my favorite posts regularly include healthy recipes that look so tasty that I actually make them.  Gina also created an eBook that helps the rest of us blog like champions, a dance cardio video, and regularly partners with other bloggers to make fitness challenges so that we can all get in on the fitness game.  I also definitely recommend signing up for her newsletter to get her monthly workout challenges that will keep you inspired and challenged every day.

FaganFamily (2)

Peanut Butter Fingers

Peanut Butter Fingers, written by Julie Fagen, is written by a gal who went to my high school about her daily life in Charlotte.  She shares awesome workouts, healthy and simple recipes, and all about her life with her little one Chase.  Julie’s workouts and lifestyle hacks are ideal for anyone trying to live an overall healthy lifestyle, no matter your current life stage.

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