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Taking Stock – August 2020

A few years back, I used to do “Taking Stock” posts once a quarter to take a second to reflect on life. …But then life got thrown into a whirlwind of wild (if you’ve been here a while, you know, let’s not dwell on it) and most of my careful contemplation became pretty private.

While I share some deeper thoughts and journal entry-style posts on Instagram, I feel like now’s the appropriate time to get back to “taking stock” in the midst of my own new normal.

Taking Stock – August 2020


Big plans for the rest of 2020!

Typically, I get a little Wanderlust about twice a year, and the current pandemic climate hasn’t changed that one bit. So the stud, pup, and I will be off on a little adventure starting at the end of this month and we’ll see where the road takes us! (Other than Breck. You know how committed I am to that lovely town and those gorgeous mountains.)

In the midst of traveling, I also will be redesigning my kitchen, signed three incredible new ongoing clients, and got accepted to a Graduate program that starts this upcoming Monday. Thus far, I’m clearing out a lot of unnecessary time wasters, still fitting in plenty of silence and time in nature, and am so excited for the journey ahead. Not a clue where this will take me, but I have a feeling that good things are coming.

(For those of you that asked, I’m getting my Masters in Teaching in Biological Sciences. Sounds very random… because it is. But the whole program sounds fascinating, is designed for part-time study so that I can keep up the business without issue, and it’s a cost-effective program that will get me the experience /networking I need related to expanding the business the direction I’m hoping it goes.)

The last drink I had was a whiskey on the rocks… but wine was fun, too


A lot of green tea, pamplemousse La Croix, and water. Perhaps not super thrilling, but my friend Haley and I started a sober curious program through This Naked Mind that was recommended by my sister-in-law… it’s been fantastic. We’re on day 17 now and it’s been very interesting to track how we’ve felt, what we’ve experienced, and how our bodies and minds change throughout.

Trust, I’m not letting my red wine go forever, but I’ll definitely be more conscious of my drinking going forward. Especially because of my ENERGY. I’ve never been a big drinker, but I was shocked at how tired I was those first few days as it was cleansing out my system. Now I sleep like a rock and wake up ready to take on the day. It’s pretty wild to experience.


Other than sports, because they’re finally back (I see you Liverpool, major golf championships, and NHL/NBA playoffs), the stud and I have been watching a show on HBO called “Doom Patrol.” It’s totally not my usual show, but the creativity behind the writing makes it very worthwhile.

It’s based on a comic book (or comic books? I don’t know, I’m not a comic gal) where these lovable losers are on a search to find one of their own. There are highs and lows throughout and it’s fun and fantasy and random and I absolutely love it. Highly recommend if you want a show that takes you completely out of your everyday.


I’m still on the Harry Potter series. I can’t believe I’m saying this because of all the hate I’m going to get, but… I get why I stopped the first time around.

The first few books were great. Highly recommend 1, 2, & maybe 3. They’re incredibly fun and light-hearted and I even stayed up through the night to finish them – which is very not like me because I like my sleep. But I feel like they’re getting very repetitive. I mean, we know at this point what’s going to happen right? Not to ruin any surprises (it’s been out since 1996, it’s you’re fault at this point), but HP goes to school, scary guy shows up, little adventure near Hogwarts, then HP goes back home.

I’m not completely out of it yet, and I can be convinced to keep going. But I think I may have to lean back towards my nonfiction books in the near future.

one world trade center under cloudy sky during daytime


After not having lived at home the past several years, I’m very much enjoying being back in Chicago for a bit. We’ve been spending time with family, I get out on the golf course at least once a week, getting out on the lake whenever possible, and I love taking several long walks each day through the many parks and along the riverfront. It really is a great city.

Working On

Natalie and I have been really working and molding the Semi-Sweet Tooth newsletter into a piece I’m deeply proud of. We’re now incorporating interviews, products, quotes, themes, and resources that will help you to be your best selves. Thank YOU for your contributions – telling us what you want to see and how we can help you along your journeys.

Make sure you sign up on the sidebar or on the pop-up when you get to the blog. I think you’re really going to like what you find!


Being in a loving relationship built on respect and kindness.

Just like many couples, we struggled a bit through this pandemic – which makes sense; everyone is going to deal with grief and extreme situations in their own way. But through constant communication and commitment to one another, we’re in a really good spot right now. It’s wonderful to be in love again and to feel it continuing to grow and develop over time.

adorable animal berner sennen bernese mountain dog


My dog. He played in the dog pool today and is now happily wagging his tail next to my desk with a tennis ball in his mouth to ask me to come play. (And I thought I had energy…)


I’m only leaving this section in here for the sake of continuity. We’re all in either workout clothes or shorts and a tee right now. I’m in the latter.



Reading through past “Taking Stock” posts, I remember where I was at that time in my life. Lost, confused, sad, doing all I can to try to make myself even the slightest bit happy and trying to keep it together.

I feel so bad for that past me. That shi* was hard. It was dark and lonely and scary.

But wow, how life has changed. I feel like it’s been a steady crawl upwards, some days being harder than others, but all days being better than the one before. I’m incredibly proud of this path I’ve walked, and I’m excited to see what’s next.

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Create a great life!

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