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How to Make Moving Fun

I’ve recently had several comments surrounding how to take advantage of a move to a new city.  Ray and I moved to Denver kind of on a whim, knowing very few people.  I have to admit that it was great having Ray by my side on this move – when I moved to Cincinnati 5 years ago, I literally moved by myself with zero friends to be had.  Both moves turned out great, but I will admit that they took a lot of bravery to make friends and make each city feel like home.

For those of you in the process of moving, if you’re going to be, or if you’re even considering it – know that I haven’t regretted these new experiences for a second.  Some tips I have leading into your move:

move 2 1) Know that the Actual Moving Process is Going to be a Beast – Since graduating college, I’ve only lived in one place for more than one year.  Which means that the past 7 moves have been a grand, old time.  My typical organization style allows a 2-bedroom move to be fully complete in 2 weeks.

Week 1 – Plan each day to pack one piece of your home (ex. day 1 – clothing closet, day 2 – kitchen, day 3 – master bathroom, day 4 – guest room, day 5 – general storage areas, day 6 – bathroom, day 7 – living room.)  Be VERY DESCRIPTIVE in your descriptions on the boxes, writing the same information on the top of the box and two sides.  Also number each box and write them on a separate list that you’ll be taking with you personally on your move.

Week 2 – Once your large furniture and boxes get to your new home, use your list to check off each box as it comes into your home.  When you know everything is present, use your same schedule to unpack each box.  This will make sure that you find a home for everything and that you’ll feel organized as soon as possible.

This isn’t the most fun part of the move – but with some wine and tunes, the time will fly by before you know it!

women_on_beach_yoga_black_and_white 2) Participate in Your Favorite Activities – Just because you’re in a new place, does not mean that you shouldn’t participate in your favorite activities.  In fact, that’s where you’re going to meet your new friends!  When I moved to Cincinnati, I met most of my friends in CrossFit or dance classes, and most of my friends in Denver are from yoga.  Use Yelp and Google to find facilities that fit your favorite classes nearby. also has fantastic opportunities to try out a wide variety of classes in almost every city – check out the site to see what might be available in your area!

take-courage 3) Be Courageous and Know Your Friends are Waiting to Meet You – My best advice for meeting new people when you’re in a moving situation is to use the, “I’m new to the city” approach for a good 9 months.  Look for groups of people that are talking to see who might be outgoing – these are usually the people that are most enthusiastic about meeting new people (thus, they are outgoing.)  Then just casually drop, “Hey, I’m new, any restaurant recommendations around the area?”  Once you get people talking, you’re sure to get the invite to brunch!  These early friends don’t need to be your best friends, but they’ll introduce you to the city and hopefully to some of your new crew!

2014_12 19 (1) 4) Do Not Compare Cities, Know that Everything is a New Experience –  This one has historically been the most difficult for me.  Every city is new, with different people and experiences to share and help you grow through your life.  It’s incredibly difficult leaving the comfort of your family and friends, but live in that discomfort.  How are you growing your life experience and what new areas of life can you explore in your new city that you couldn’t have if you lived elsewhere?  Maybe you find that you love hiking, or the vineyards surrounding your new area.  Or maybe the theater district near you always has the best indie plays.  Learning what you love about your new home will grow your horizons and make you an even stronger person on the other side.

Whatever you do, know that you are not alone.  Moving is tough, but the internet makes every place small and close by.  You have friends all over the world at your fingertips – keep positive!


What tips do you have for people that are moving or are considering moving in the near future?

Create a great life!

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