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TBT: Bruce Springsteen in London


Jumping off of my post earlier today, let’s chat about when my obsession started with Red Nose Day.  Seven years ago, I spent three of the best months of my life living in London and travelling a bit around Western Europe.  While I was there, I experienced UK Red Nose Day first-hand and saw the fantastic impact it had in that it brought the entire nation together for a great cause!

While there, another memorable experience I had the pleasure of experiencing was potentially, also, one of the most American – seeing Bruce Springsteen in concert in Emirates Stadium (where Arsenal plays as a part of the Premier League.)

I’ve rarely been one to say no when I see a once in a lifetime experience in front of me.  And this was one that I debated about for a while, but I still would say that I don’t regret a minute of it!  Potentially the most fun was meeting the British folks that were madly in love with Bruce – they were freaking out when a friend I was with told them she was from New Jersey!  I often feel as though the Brits bring some of the best music around (see: Beatles, Coldplay, The Kooks), but it was so great for me to see that the admiration goes both ways!


What have been some of your favorite things to learn while traveling?  Have you had any memorable experiences while travelling that have changed your perspective?

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