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Sneaking Nautical Inspiration into Fall

Just because the Summer is gone, the sun is still shining here in Denver and I see no reason to stop enjoying my nautical preferences in dressing at this point in the season.  In case you’re like me, I’ve found three ways that I’m planning to keep the nautical vibe alive and well, without looking like I’m trying to sail away to the tropics.

Layer with Navy Blue Stripes

I’ve had a blue, horizontal striped, long sleeved shirt from Style Mint for years.  It easily transitions between seasons and it has a classic, tailored fit.  Layering it with a sweater allows the nautical stripe to peek through, but makes the style comfortable for Fall, outdoor gatherings.

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Include Subtle Anchor Accents

Anchors definitely have a time and a place in every girl’s wardrobe, but they often don’t make sense when football season is in the air.  Smaller accent pieces, such as pictured below, allow you to dress purely in Fall apparel, but bring the fun, sailing vibe throughout the year.  I have an old KJP bracelet and anchor post earrings that I typically wear in the Summer, but why shouldn’t I wear them all throughout the year?

4873f2b63ec458ea2278a8001fa31359 Polyvore

Choose Traditional Red, White, & Blue

There’s few things more Americana than sailing, but the colors of Old Glory take the cake.  While I typically avoid wearing this color combination in the Summer outside of the 4th, wearing them combined in the Fall makes the look more traditional than theme-party.  If you’re still uncomfortable with puling these colors together, use a variety of shades, similar to the navy blue blazer pictured below.

c2902a675193af981a599fd143921d9c women-outfits


What are your favorite trends to bring throughout the year?  Are you a fan of the nautical style?

Create a great life!

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