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Two Best Ways to Wear a Cape

Team, I’m not telling you any secrets when I tell you that capes are all the rage.  Long ago, I had two capes that I loved.  They weren’t in style and I can’t even remember the brands, but they still made their way into everything from family Christmas cards to a portrait on the wall that my father just won’t take down.  Now that they’re back, I’ve been moving slowly back into accepting the trend, trying to track if they’ll stay around or last no more than one season.

In case you’re questioning capes like I am, I’ve gone scouting for a couple of different ways to bring this trend into my everyday style.  How can such a loose, unstructured style work with my current wardrobe of structured, tailored pieces?  But there’s the answer!  Capes, at least in my opinion, tend to fit best into wardrobes that are more structured so that they can provide a relaxed, but pulled together flare.  Check out below for two of the styles I already can’t wait to build into my repertoire.

With a patterned long-sleeved blouse

While I love the classic, neutral coloring of most capes, I’ve struggled with wearing them as purely an additional solid.  Layering them with a loose top and fitted jeans brings an element of interest to the look.  It allows your ensemble to shine, but also makes the cape look like an element of your look, rather than just traditional outerwear.

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With a classic dress, tights, and pumps

I think one of the reasons I used to love capes continues to today… they have an element of old, classic Hollywood style that I absolutely adore.  Wearing a more traditional cape in combination with a classic black dress and tights feels full of glamour and good taste.  I already can’t wait to wear this look to the ballet with  bit of snow on the ground in Winter.

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Have you recently incorporated capes into your wardrobe?  What are you favorite styles involving capes?  Do you expect the trend to stick around for the long haul?

Create a great life!

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