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Friday Favorites #15: Four Things that Describe Life Right Now

This week’s Friday Favorites are full of relaxation… and a whole lot of Olympic goodness.  I popped into a new to me salon called Glamour Bar to check out their offerings and am enjoying some of the simpler things in life this week.  I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend!

8 19 2016 _2

Glamour Bar Blogger Party

Blogging, at least compared to my past 5+ years, is slowly become more and more common practice.  While I still sometimes approach people that don’t know much about the concept, most business or people I speak with will at least be familiar with the practice.

This was perfectly evidenced by Glamour Bar’s gorgeous, beautifully planned blogger party,  About 20 of us popped into this new to me salon to check out the offerings and overall space.  We enjoyed sweet treats, a Tarot Card reading (my first), I received a dry style & B12 shot, and, of course, each others company.

The salon and staff were absolutely fantastic, and the services I received were wonderful.  I can’t wait to pop back in there to try out everything when I have just a bit more time.

8 19 2016 _3

Miami Wedding Picture

After just posting our wedding pictures earlier this week, I recieved one more amateur photo that I felt I had to share.

In the middle of the dancing portion of the evening, I asked our DJ to cut the music.  And then we announced that we wanted a Miami picture.  I didn’t even realize how many Miami University people were surrounding us until we were dancing all night long.  From my father, to our officiant, to the majority of our wedding party on either side, Miami was surrounding us.  While this picture doesn’t include everyone from Miami, it’s fun to see that so many of our close friends came from the same point in our lives.

8 19 2016 _1

Olympic Hydrangeas

For our recent Olympic get-together, I purchased some simple blue and white hydrangeas that classically pulled together our stereotypically American party spread.  Though my one issue with hydrangeas is that I cannot figure out how to make them last for more than a week in our home!

Though these bundles are Olympic gold medalists in their own right.  While they’re sloooowly shrinking, they’ve been the survivors of the bunch.  And I’m DETERMINED to keep them around until the closing ceremonies.  Wish me luck!


Turkey Burger on Lettuce

When I recently went out to dinner with a girlfriend, nothing on the menu seemed to be calling my name – which almost never happens.  And when I asked her for her go-to on the menu, she said that she makes her own substitutes and I copied her order exactly.

Turkey burger on a bed of lettuce, hold the toppings, with avocado.  With the restaurant’s chipotle sauce on the side, it still sounds just as fresh as it tasted.  I can’t wait to get this order again, soon!




Have you attended any blogger events that you especially enjoyed?

What are your favorite flowers to have around the house?

Create a great life!

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