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Quick, Tasty, Healthy Frozen Yogurt

Healthy Frozen Yogurt has seemed to be impossible for me to make in the past, but this recipe definitely changed my mind.  It’s a bit more sweet than my usual smoothies, but 100x healthier than my go-to ice cream.  (#dreamingofgelato)

Scroll to the bottom to get the recipe immediately, or keep reading for a quick catch up!

Why is it that short weeks sometimes seem the longest?  In my mind, it’s because we’re trying to pack a full week of work and power into a shorter number of days.  But, whether that’s the reason or not, I’m pumped that Friday is finally here!

Be sure you’re following me on SnapChat (@SemiSweetTooth) and Instagram (@SemiSweetTooth) to be completely caught up on the crazy ongoings in my life, but here’s the quick synopsis.

Just following my post on Wednesday: Attended the first DAYBREAKERS Denver, headed to the opening of Aillea’s second store, dropped my mom off at the airport (*tear*), finally ending with a blogger event at our local Sprouts (that I’ll be talking about in Monday’s post, including my new favorite super-food… HOORAY!)

Thursday: Much of Thursday was dedicated to re-connecting with my girlfriend Mahri who created Body Conceptions in NYC, but also included a little time meeting Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams and celebrating the beginning of Broncos season at a free concert in the city

Phew – I can’t complain about a single thing!

But, having so much awesomeness going on means that I need to FOCUS on being ready to take on the day.  Nix the days of not working out, punch Ray’s birthday cake in the metaphorical face (even though I don’t want to), and get plenty of quality rest.

Since y’all know I’m a sweet tooth, I needed to figure out a healthy dessert that curbed my sweet tooth, but still fit the definition of “healthy.”  Enter this quick, tasty, and healthy frozen yogurt.  Similar to a smoothie, but with a better (by my definition) texture for dessert.  It’s oh so good and will now be a permanent staple in our home!

Healthy Frozen Yogurt

Quick, Tasty, Healthy Frozen Yogurt

Total Time: 10 minutes

Serves: 4 adults


  • 4 cups Frozen Berries (I chose a simple bag of mixed berries, but feel free to stick with a specific berry if you prefer)
  • 1/2 cup vanilla greek yogurt
  • 3 tablespoons honey
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice


  1. Place all ingredients into a food processor and process on high for 1 minute.  Stop the processor to scrape any ingredients off the side walls of the bowl.  Continue processing on high for another 4 minutes, or until the mixture is at your desired consistency.
  2. Enjoy! Serve immediately or transfer to an air tight container to freeze for up to two weeks.  (Full disclosure: I added in a few dark chocolate chips as a topping upon serving.  You know… for the antioxidants and all. ; ) )

Healthy Frozen Yogurt _1

Healthy Frozen Yogurt _4


What are your favorite berries?

How do you prep for especially busy days or weeks?

Create a great life!

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