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Our Top 10 Favorite New Years’ Resolutions

By: Natalie

The holiday season is always a great reminder to spend time with loved ones celebrating the beauty and joy in life. However, as the new year approaches, the holiday season is also a reminder of what you should (or what you should not) be doing.

New Year’s resolutions put a lot of pressure on success, but I like to think of them more as opportunities to try new things that lead you to a more authentic life. No one likes to feel guilty, especially at the start of a brand new year. So, rather than creating a strict set of resolutions carved in stone, review the list below and pick a few that excite you.

Try new things, identify new passions, or kick a bad habit in the butt, but most importantly, take pride in you! The New Year is a great time to start fresh and focus on you. New year, new me!

10 New Year’s Resolutions to Consider

Try Meatless Mondays

Going meatless, even for one day per week, is beneficial to your health, well-being, and the environment. Consider implementing the Meatless Monday movement into your weekly schedule. Start with one day and see where it takes you. Simple changes, like going meatless once a week, can turn into lifelong habits that have the potential to make a big impact.

Add More Creativity to Your Life

Creativity is something that is often pushed to the side, especially during times of stress. However, getting those creative juices flowing can be a helpful way to monitor mental health and mindfulness. Creativity can be anything and everything! Consider art projects, DIYs, or crafts that you have always wanted to try. Or even better, go to an art class with a friend. Pinterest is always a great place to start, too!

Read Books More Often

Finding time to read is a lifelong pursuit of mine. It is so hard to squeeze in a few extra minutes to read a few pages- but I want to get better at making it a priority! This summer, I made a reading list of books that I want to get through this year and I am still working on it. At this point, I am trying to read one book a month. That may not sound like very much, but it is important to set realistic goals that can be obtained over an appropriate amount of time. Consider picking out a few books and setting a timeline to finish reading each one. The start of a new year is all about turning a new page.

Express Gratitude

Gratitude specifically shaped my 2019, 2020, and even 2021. I am beyond thankful for the people that make my life so amazing! However, expressing that gratitude is not always as easy as thinking about it. In 2023, I want to take more time to express my deep appreciation for the people in my life. I am going to start by saying thank you to someone new each week. This resolution is a bit abstract, but I think it is truly important. Who shapes your life? How could you share your thanks with them?

Try No Tech Tuesdays

I recently checked the screen time settings on my phone and I was so surprised! Technology is such an important part of our everyday life, but it can be draining to spend hours and hours glued to a screen. Rather than completely abandon the tools that I need for work, I am planning to use Tuesdays as a day to be conscious of my screen usage.

In addition, I want to put away my phone during social times. Hopefully, as I begin to separate myself from the digital world, I will be able to increase the time I spend away from my technology. Consider the influence of technology on your life. What would a No Tech Tuesday look like for you?

Schedule More Personal Time

Time flies by so quickly, especially with a busy schedule! In 2023, I want to schedule more personal time. I want to use this time to focus on side projects, passions, and creative pursuits. I am planning to take 1 hour each week to do the things I love- no distractions! Having time to think things through and focus on me is so important. Consider what you would do with a little bit of personal time- could you perhaps take that time to proactively focus on one of the other resolutions on this list?

Try Journaling

Over the course of this past year, I have been spending more time writing and journaling. This is a habit I want to continue into the new year. I have recently picked up the practice of carrying around a small notebook to write down ideas, concepts, and quotes. Basically, I have been trying to write down little things I want to remember from my day to day life interactions. Rather than starting with long journal entries, I think this is a great way to be introduced to journaling. Consider putting a small journal into your purse or bag and writing down a few things throughout your day.

Go to a New Fitness Class

Health is always a hot topic during the new year, but I don’t think it has to be scary or intimidating. Rather than set strict goals for exercise and eating, consider going to a new fitness class each month. Try new routines or switch up old ones. Jessica tried an aerial fitness lesson and I think that sounds like something fun to try in the new year! Make 2023 a year of experimenting, while also focusing on health.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a practice that is all about you! It is a mindset that allows you to be intentional about your actions and thoughts. It is about taking time to reflect on your feelings and emotions. In addition to taking more time for me, I want to allocate more time to be quiet and reflective throughout my day. Mindfulness can have several meanings that are completely customized to the individual and that is what makes it a great thing to add to your 2023!

Wear Clothes that Make You Feel Fabulous

This last resolution is about being true to who you are! In 2023, I want to wear outfits that make me feel fabulous. This is a resolution that will literally look entirely different to each person. My clothes make me feel confident and I want to maximize that feeling. What clothing pieces or accessories make you feel confident? rock those looks and wear them with pride!

Fail, Succeed, and Do it Again

My 2023 is going to be about trying new things, failing, succeeding, and doing it all over again. I have gone through a lot of personal growth this past decade, much in this past year specifically, and I want to continue that trend in the new year. I want to explore my interests and find new ones along the way.

Life should be about having fun while being surrounded by the people you love, so don’t be too hard on yourself when setting goals. Pick a few things that excite you and see how they go!

If you are looking for more advice for this New Year, read this piece about sticking with your resolutions or this piece on how to accomplish your resolutions based on your zodiac sign.

Have fun and be safe out there this New Year!

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