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New Product Trial: Pterys Wooden Sunglasses

Sunday was completely focused on relaxation and rejuvenation, alongside prepping for the week ahead (#blogging.)  Ray and I woke up to do an early morning run, followed by church, followed by brunch and enjoying the sun, before I headed off to complete a 21 class in 30 day yoga challenge with a Candlelight Yin class.  It sounds incredibly full, but the day was filled with so many of my favorite things.  I feel completely prepared to jump into the week ahead with both feet!

While at brunch, I decided that it was the perfect time to try out some new sunglasses I purchased from Pterys.  10% of the sale from each of the sunglasses from this recently founded company go to a group called The Hope Alliance, a non-profit organization working in Haiti, Peru, and Guatemala to provide Pterygium prevention education and protective eyewear.  Pterygium is an easily preventable disease that is impacting many people in tropical nations around the globe.  So every time you buy a pair of Pterys, who are helping to make a positive impact on the world – while looking fashionable at the same time, of course.

6 1 15 (2)

While they have regular Wayfarer frames, I decided to go with the Rosewood Retro frames.  One other suggestion is that, while they say the frames are unisex, their size is truthfully catered to a female face.  Ray tried on a couple pairs and they looked ridiculous (no offence, Raymond.)

Lastly, if you were ever curious as to why I don’t go the full-fledged fashion blog route… there are several reasons, but one is my amazing photographer.  While Ray is easy on the eyes, he’s not the best at making others look that way in photographs.  Exhibit A and B… his early efforts on the picture above.

6 1 15 (3)

6 1 15 (4)

First of all, yes.  That is a tator tot with ketchup I’m in the middle of muchin’.  Do as I say, not as I do.

Secondly, I don’t know who liked the second picture better… me, or the girl posing at the table behind me.

*None of this post is sponsored content.  All thoughts and reviews are my own.*


What are your favorite Pterys products from their site?  Do you have any new products or trends you’d like tested out or that you’d recommend?  Spread the good word!

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