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New Product Trial: Chantecaille “Faux Cils” Mascara

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Last Friday,  I decided to try Chantecaille’s “Faux Cils” mascara solo.  I’ve been layering this mascara for the past few weeks with Laura Geller’s GlamLash Mascara to add both length and thickness.  But Laura’s mascara is long gone, so it was time to see what Faux Cils has to offer on its own.


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Overall, I love the soft feel and natural look this product provides.  However, there’s not much added length.  I’ll be using this mascara on natural makeup days, or days when I’m not planning to wear makeup.  (I prefer to give my face a day or two break, if available across the week.)  Though this will likely not get everyday wear, because I’d prefer a little added oomph.  Overall, I’d give this product a B+… great product, but not worth the $40.


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What’s your everyday mascara?  Do you like to give your face a break from makeup across the week?

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