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TBT: Bungee Jumping in Interlaken

8 years ago today, I went a little crazy.  I trusted a man name Ziggy (pictured below) in tying a massive rubber band around my feet so that I could participate in the second highest bungee jump in the world in Interlaken, Switzerland.

bungee 5A large group of friends from the study abroad program that I was a part of decided to travel together to Switzerland, where we stayed in a barn with no heat or air conditioning and just crossed our fingers for the best.  We all fell in love with our little room on The Farm (the actual name of the hostel), especially because of it’s amazing fire escape.  Each one of us would wake up in the morning and sit out on the fire escape with our cup of coffee, just taking a moment to enjoy life.  You couldn’t help but be happy and smile with such a great view in front of you!

bungee 6

Interlaken is a town of pure adventure!  Skydiving, canyoning, white water rafting, hang gliding… all a part of the daily life of a person in Interlaken!  When somebody suggested bungee jumping, I couldn’t think of a reason to say no!  So we all jumped in the shuttle and off we went to the top of a mountain with our new friend Ziggy!

bungee 2

The experience was beyond exhilarating!  Truth be told, I felt incredibly safe the entire time, as well – no unsafe zone here.  And it was a blast to see the reactions of each of my friends as we jumped off the ski gondola to touch the top of a lake in between mountains.  It felt just as amazing as it sounds!

bungee 1

While I’m a big person in support of travelling (safely) solo, this is one experience that I’d recommend with friends.  No one can re-live that experience, and I love that I still have close friends that I can talk to that help to push me out of my comfort zone when I get too cozy. (Meet A2 J2 in the picture below. 🙂 ) Make sure you have those friends around – they just might be the people you need to take you on a new adventure.



What experiences have you had where “you had to be there?”  What moments are you re-living this week?

Create a great life!


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