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Denver Winters

This season in Denver has been nothing short of wonderful.  We’ve been here over a year, so we feel much more established and know the secret ins and outs of the city.  Every weekend in the Winter, people flock to the mountains just outside of city limits.  While we willingly go skiing on a moment’s notice, we’ve become a bit more knowledgeable about when we should actually travel versus when it’s worth it just to stay at home.

Here are some of my favorite things happening around the world of Denver lately.:

World’s Largest Stock Show

1 19 16_1 I had heard multiple times about the stock show in Denver, but I had no idea about the true scale of the event until I had experienced it myself.  As the stock show parade heads through the heart of downtown, the 16 days of events are just beginning.  There are professional rodeos, horse shows, a western trade show, and the “superbowl” of livestock shows.  While the stock show started here in 1906, it only took until 1908 for vendors to participate from across the globe!  The entire city is over-taken by cowboys, cowgirls, and ranchers from around the world.  It’s such a huge part of the Denver community and I’m proud to finally understand the impact of such a fantastic event.

City & Mountain Sunsets

1 19 16_2 I often wonder if I’ll just get used to being able to see the mountains everyday.   I’ve heard from people born and raised here that I’ll always be stunned by their beauty, and thus far, they’re right.  It’s amazing to be able to walk down the street and see mountains at the dead end of the street as the sun slowly peeks over the far side of the range, leaving a Bronco’s colored sky.  This view will never get old. 🙂

Cupcakes Everything

1 19 16_3 Living in Chicago, cupcakes were everywhere.  And you guys know I love me some cupcakes!  But only recently, the cupcake craze started developing all over Denver.  With Gigi’s Cupcakes joining our holiday photo shoot to these rowdy straws making their way into our home, I’m fully supporting the cause.  If you guys find any awesome cupcake gear, please pass along my way!

Powder Days

1 19 16_4 Like I said earlier, Ray and I have learned a lot about picking and choosing what days we choose to make it up to the mountains. While this year hasn’t seen as much snow as last year, the snow has been relatively consistent.  Understanding the weather and conditions has meant that we’ve had some great days on the slopes, but haven’t wasted time getting to the mountains.  Being efficient while having fun… the winning combination!

Wind Burn

1 19 16_5 Interesting fact for you guys… Cold and windy + having too much fun to head inside = gorgeous wind burn.  Essentially, it’s a goggle tan that lasts as long as a sunburn.  The good news is that almost everyone out here gets them, so it makes me part of the “in” crowd.  Right?


What are some of your favorite things about this season in your hometown?

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