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What I Eat in a Week

This post reviews what I eat in a week – just a typical week in our home.  Please note that it does not include everything I buy, as I do add in additional snacks and go out to eat.  As a general rule of thumb, I eat when I’m hungry until I’ve had around one serving.  I do typically stop eating before I am full.  Much more detail can be seen below.  Please consult your health professional before making changes to your diet. (Cover image source.)

A typical week

I’m a meal planner, to an extent.  I like to have an idea of how many meals I’m planning on eating in, if Ray is going to be home, what lunch meetings I have booked, and I buy fairly exact amounts of food accordingly.

I’ve always been someone who hates the idea of wasting food.  In our home, we rarely throw away food and we try to enjoy everything while it’s still good.  Throwing away food causes me stress and anxiety, and since it’s something that’s relatively easy to avoid, we throw away as little as possible.

I’m also a big fan of using the coupons that are sent to us.  I have no idea why this one is, because most of my family is not of the couponing kind.  But I just get a random, little thrill when I find out how much I saved.  (Insider’s tip: If you shop at any Kroger stores – our’s are City Market and King Soopers – they send you coupons for things you actually buy.  Not sponsored, but something I love about our local Kroger stores.)

What I eat in a week

This week is a shorter one for us.  We have three breakfasts to plan, two lunches, three nights of dinners, and four days of snacks.  The other meals that will fill our days include going out to eat or meetings.  Ray and I will each also have one Emergen-C a day.

In general, I like to eat a traditional breakfast, lunch, and dinner with at least a mid-morning snack.  I sometimes add in a mid-afternoon snack if I’m feeling extra hungry.

What I Eat in a Week


Our grocery list (food only)


  • Blueberries (2 packs)
  • Asparagus (2 bunches)
  • Green Peppers (3)


  • Chicken Breasts (2)
  • Bone-In Pork Chops (2)

Canned Goods

  • Chicken Noodle Soup (2 cans)
  • Baked Beans (2 cans)


  • Medium-Sized Skim Milk


  • English Muffins

Dry Goods

  • Granola Bars (2 boxes)
  • 100 calorie popcorn
  • Everyday Detox Tea
  • Coffee K-Cups
  • Brown Rice Rotini & Pasta Sauce
  • Emergen-C (2 boxes)


  • Fresh Sushi



Almost everyday, I have the same thing.  I have a granola bar with a cup of tea and some fruit.  This week, my granola bar will be alongside a handful of blueberries, but sometimes it’s an apple or whatever I’m feeling specifically that week.

I no longer drink coffee, but Ray does.  While I have my tea, Ray will be enjoying his morning coffee while we both watch the local morning news.  (See how and why I stopped drinking coffee here.)


I can pretty much bank on having leftovers from our dinners listed below as lunches for the two days that I mentioned.  However, in case I’m feeling extremely hungry or a meeting gets cancelled, then I’m ready to go with a quick chicken noodle soup.

For whatever reason, I was in the mood for soup this week, but I also frequently buy pre-packaged salads for lunches on a regular basis.  While they’re a bit more pricey, I find that I’m more likely to use the pre-packaged options for lunches because I don’t give myself much time during the day to pull something together from scratch.

If I’m still hungry afterwards, I’ll typically grab half an english muffin with some butter.  While it’s not the healthiest, I’ve found that it fills me up more than a piece of chocolate or something arbitrary and I always finish the meal feeling satisfied.


One night a week, Ray and I like to enjoy sushi together, typically on the day we go to the grocery store.  We’ve found that the options at our local King Soopers are actually pretty delicious and fresh, especially for being much more affordable than going out to grab sushi at a restaurant once per week.

Other nights we’ll have a piece of meat with some vegetables on the side.  With usual grocery store meats, I typically end up eating half of it, leaving half of it for lunch the next day.

After dinner, I’ve lately been in the mood to finish off a glass of milk or Cholaca.  It’s the perfect finisher to end off my day of eating.

Photo Jul 22, 7 02 13 PM

(a big jumble of awesomeness we call dinner)

Other Foods/Snacks

I usually don’t end up planning my snacks, because I don’t know how I’ll feel across the day and I prefer to leave it up to the moment.  Do I want something sweet or salty?  Do I want something warm or cold?  Since I don’t know how I’ll be feeling, I like to stock up on healthy options so that I’m rarely turning the direction of the sweets jar.

When I go out to eat, I try to be thoughtful of what I’m feeding my body, choosing something that both looks appetizing and like it fulfills a variety of food groups.  I’ll usually end up eating half of whatever it is and will bring the rest home for lunch the next day or for dinner if something gets cancelled or pushed back.

What I need more/less of

Something in the Winter has left me with a massive hankering for carbs.  Which is strange for me, honestly.  But, because I’m a big believer in giving my body what it’s showing me it needs, I’m trying to intentionally feed myself healthy carbs, while incorporating other elements of the food pyramid.  Enjoying chicken and vegetables alongside noodles during lunch, or adding in fruit alongside my granola bar in the morning.

I do recognize that I should be adding in more vegetables… a lot more vegetables, really.  So I try to add them in here and there across the day.  If you guys have any tips for this, please let me know.

Just a reminder that this does not include everything that I eat in a day.  I do not count calories, but I feed my body when it is hungry.  Also, I’m a big believer in chugging a glass of water before I eat.  A lot of the time, when I’m hungry, I’m actually dehydrated, so it helps to balance out my appetite.

What do you feel you need more of or less of in your diet?

What are you craving right now that is unique to this season of your life?

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Create a great life!

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    This is a similar method for my meal planning too. I make extra dinners and have leftovers for my lunches the next day. Breakfast is typically baked oatmeal or something I can prep ahead and reheat for the workweek. I usually do some kind of take out or to go option on the weekends to give myself a rest from cooking!

    January 23, 2017 at 11:11 am
    • Reply semisweettooth

      Yes! Love making extras. It makes so much easier. 🙂

      January 30, 2017 at 1:36 pm
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