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3 Simple Ways to Embrace Your Flow

This post includes my top tips to truly embrace your flow and find your natural rhythm of life.

Am I the only one that has been feeling like I just want life to slow down?  I’m rushing everywhere, just trying to clarify the details of getting between point A and point B with absolutely no time to breathe deeply and enjoy the journey.

Life can be a whole lot of fun and incredibly busy at the very same time – that’s for sure!

But in order to truly enjoy our lives and live in our passions, we need to welcome the idea that we should embrace our flow.  We need to appreciate individual moments, think through our next steps before prioritizing only the next thing coming up on our calendars, and honestly allow ourselves to breathe.

Being caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday is so incredibly easy to do.  How are we supposed to embrace any specific moments when we have a steady flow of emails and facebook status updates coming our way and car alarms going off in the background?

The trick is that we must be intentional with our time.

We need to consider how what we prioritizing is impacting our lives.  How can you embrace individual moments and actually, intentionally focus on creating a rhythm of life that allows us to thrive?

Embrace Your Flow

Here are some of my top three suggestions for finding ways to embrace your flow:

Find Your Flow Activity

I originally spoke about flow activities in a freelance post from way back (-ish) in 2017 about making your brain happier, but I definitely feel that it applies in this situation, as well.  Flow activities are those activities where our mind is actively engaged in a meaningful activity that challenges our abilities.  Maybe a favorite athletic activity, or perhaps a mindfulness exercise like reading or meditating.  These are activities that, when we’re in them, the world around us just fades away and we can live completely in the moment.

What is your flow activity.  You might have more than one!  Get time on the calendar to focus purely on rejuvenating your mind and allowing yourself to embrace your flow.

Schedule Time for Silence

If you’re anything like me, I tend to way over schedule myself and welcome the opportunity to stick to the topics I have on my calendar so that I don’t have to think too much when switching from one topic to the next.

But what I often forget about is to schedule time for silence.  I might toss in 30 minutes for lunch, but I don’t think that counts.  I’ll be focusing my time on eating and/or watching television, which is not allowing my mind to relax.  But what I mean is pure, undisturbed silence.

Start with 30 minutes a day, or many experts suggest starting with 3 hours total per week, and let your mind feel free to go where ever it needs to go.  Meditate, take a bath, or spend time in prayer.  Welcome a short nap or just leave some room to just allow your mind to think.

Just, whatever you do, let the dishes stay dirty, let the laundry keep piling up, and let your to-do list remain lengthy.  Just prioritize the time on your calendar scheduled just for silence.


Whether we laugh in reaction to a specific event, laugh because we reminisce on a specific moment, or laugh for literally no reason at all, laughter can change everything about our day.  On top of that, what’s additionally interesting is that, according to a study in Psychology Today, “social laughter is 30 times more frequently experienced that solitary laughter.”  So creating space for laughter means that we have the opportunity to enjoy time in community and break out of our task list to just enjoy the moment.

Watch a funny video or try to create a silly joke off the top of your head.  (<Note: That one is harder than it sounds.)  Take 5 minutes to just laugh about the hilarity of whatever situation you’re in at this very moment.  But just laugh.  (This video has been cracking me up for weeks now, too!)

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