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Making Space for an Incredible 2018

It seems like almost everyone I speak with regularly has had a weird 2017 – rarely overwhelmingly awful or awesome. Just plain weird.

And I fit in that mix, too. If you’re like me, however grateful you may be for the experiences and growth that occurred in 2017… you’re also grateful that this year will soon be behind you!

Sometimes that weird energy from our prior year likes to hang out for a longer period of time than would be ideal — in the atmosphere, in our bodies, or even in and around our thoughts and minds. This holds us back by cluttering our lives and holding us in the past, preventing us from moving forward.

I like to do everything I can to make sure that those old vibes don’t hang out and get in the way of starting the New Year right! So that’s why this year I’m starting out with a “Clearing-Out Self Care regimen. If this sounds like something that you’d like to try out yourself, any combination of these steps will help you to jump start clearing out any old energy that is lingering around and will make space for the new, incredible experiences waiting for us in the year ahead!

How to Clear the Way for a Wonderful 2018!

Clearing Our Body

Essential Oil and Epsom Salt Baths

Warm baths are wonderful for increased blood circulation, they help to lower our blood pressure, and they greatly help to improve our sleep patterns. But there are even greater benefits when we take a warm bath and add in epsom salts and essential oils.

Next time you have the opportunity, take a warm bath and add in your favorite epsom salt and essential oils. The warm water and salt work to loosen any tense muscles in the body and release any tense energy our muscles are holding in, while also drawing out the toxins within.

Personally, I love to use Tea Tree essential oil for it’s antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to really clean my body’s energy by drawing out the toxins that we can collect from our external environment.

Another personal favorite addition to my baths is a combination of Lavender and Rose essential oils, which help to calm both our minds and bodies. Using these oils will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed for the New Year.


If you have a go-to exfoliant regimen, now is the time to enlist it! Exfoliate the entire body, focusing on areas where contact is made with the outside world – especially your hands, feet and face. I even do my scalp!

If you’re like me, your sensitive skin can make finding the right exfoliant a little tricky. But not to worry – I found the perfect alternative! If you’re not allergic to almonds and avocados, when it comes time to exfoliate, crush up some almonds and mash them inside one half of an avocado. Next time you’re in the shower, use the mixture to exfoliate as usual and completely rinse. The avocado is super gentle on your skin, acting as a paste-base so that the almond can scrape off any dead skin without leaving your skin raw.

Salt Wash Gargle

According to many belief systems, unspoken or unexpressed feelings or words “get stuck” in our throats and kind of clog them up. This can hamper our personal areas of expression – in communication with one another or ourselves, in artistic expression by halting our creative pursuits, or even in our areas of work.

If this sounds familiar to you, mix a spoonful of salt into your glass of water and gargle for around 30 seconds. This gargle helps to break up any energy that could be stuck in there, and helps to get the flow moving again.

Clearing Our Space

Smudge Stick

A smudge stick is a collection dried herbs tied together with string. (You can get one at most Whole Foods stores nationally in the general merchandise section.) When you feel like you have to clear negative energy out of space, you light the end of this smudge stick on fire to form a solid smoke. You then open all of your windows and doors and carry the stick throughout your entire space to let the smoke clear the energy.

I like to walk around my space and wave the smoke all throughout, making sure to really get into the corners and doorways where energy and air frequently shifts or is stagnant. The smoke is said to carry the energy out of your space as it dissipates.

**Note: Make sure to have fans running or windows at least cracked when doing this portion of the regimen. It can get a little smokey depending on how well your stick is flowing! Also, it’s a good idea to have something under the stick to catch the ash as it falls. If you’d like more details on how to smudge your space, click here.

Candles Everywhere!

I love candles almost any day of the week, but find them to be especially useful when trying to clear my space! Not only do they make your home smell great, but they help to circulate the air to get energy flowing. The light from a candle’s flame is also said to house its very own special clearing properties, blasting out any negative energy that may be hiding in the shadows.

During this part of the regimine, light as many candles as you would prefer (while maintaining appropriate safety.) I usually light one candle per room to allow the energy to clear in each area of my home.

**Note: If you’re sensitive to smells, I recommend skipping this piece of the process.

Oil Diffuser

This is probably my personal favorite potion of my process and has become a staple in my everyday life!

An oil diffuser diffuses the essential oils of your choice throughout your space, helping to circulate the air throughout and replaces the air with smells that have various healing properties and benefits for the mind, body, and soul.

I have mine on blast 24/7/365, but make it even more of a focus area as the new year approaches. I change up the oils that I use daily, but usually do a combination of oils focused on the benefits they provide.

For energy clearing specifically, my favorite combination is a mix of Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Grapefruit. It helps to clear the air, and leaves me feeling calm and fresh.

Salt Rock Lamp

In addition to my oil diffuser, I also love to have my salt rock lamp lit almost any time I’m home. Salt rocks take the moisture and stagnant energy out of the air. The light bulb heats the salt rock, and the moisture absorbed inside, and releases only freshly cleaned air vapor back out into the room. It’s like a natural air filter for your space, allowing you to breathe in fresh, clean air!

Clearing Our Minds

Monthly Gratitude List

To start off any New Year right, I like to write a list of as many items as I can think of that I’m grateful for from the prior year. When creating my list, I like to go through each month and think back on the highlight of my experiences and, most importantly, what I learned.

When trying this on your own, try to focus on memories in general, not just the super wonderful memories. Sometimes the more important pieces of life to be grateful for are the hard lessons that allow you to learn and grow. I honestly believe that growth should absolutely be recognized and celebrated as much as the times when life felt idyllic.

Intentions for 2018

Write a list of your intentions for the New Year. These could be traditional goals and resolutions for the new year, or simply more generalized intentions. Be sure to stop by the blog next week to see our list of resolutions for the 2018 year!

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