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Three New Beauty Products to Try

3 New Beauty Products to Try

For a long while, regular Semi-Sweet Tooth /readers know that I wrote a new product trial post each Monday.  After awhile, I started thinking that they started to have too little content for the posts I try to write at this point.  But I still want to share the new products that I find and hope to recommend.  (And I LOVE reading your recommendations, too.  Please keep those coming and I’ll share some of my favorites in coming weeks.)

In the spirit of sharing great new, here are three products I highly recommend adding to your collection.

Dr. Lipp Miracle Balm

FullSizeRender(Moisturized lips)

This balm is a magical jack of all trades.  It’s a 100% natural formula that works to alleviate dry lips, hydrate dry cuticles, tame crazy eyebrows, and sooth the windburn and sunburn that we regularly get out here in Colorado.  It’s a light formula that skips that sticky feeling that I often get from Vaseline or Chap Stick, though I have been using it in much the same way.

While I received a small sample, a full size of this costs $16.50.  It’s a price that I likely won’t pay for everyday use, but it will be a go to purchase to have on hand for days when I need it most.

IPKN Flash Cream Radiant Primer

IMG_4033 (Check out the product consistency.)

Any primer I like comes to me as a surprise.  I love my simple Mary Kay primer and rarely stray.  But this IPKN product is a beast of another color!  It offers a slight SPF15 and is rich in fruit extracts.  Rather than a clear base like I’m used to, this primer is a creamier texture, making application more similar to moisturizer.  What I love about it most is that it leaves a slight iridescent finish.  Once it soaks in (I always apply before another task – brushing teeth, brushing my hair, etc – to allow it time to soak in before applying makeup), I don’t feel that I need a strong foundation, because the definition is already set.

IMG_4036 (fresh with nothing but the product used on my face)

full size of this product costs $28, which is more than I usually pay, but still not hugely expensive for a great product.  I also feel as though I would use less foundation and other base products, so in my mind, the breakeven is worth the cost.

LOC One & Done Shadow Stick – Impress Me

IMG_4053 (Beautiful color, but definitely not a one-stop shop.)

’ve been going back and forth on this product for a while now.  It’s a Birchbox exclusive brand and product, and I love the color (curated by YouTube star Tati Westbrook), but I’m not certain that I love the shadow stick consistency.  Although this past weekend, I finally figured out how apply it in a way that looked natural and didn’t crease or run.  Because it’s a darker color, I’ll swipe it lightly from my crease down to my lash line.  I then take a lighter colored powder shadow to apply along my lash line and on above my eye crease.  As a third step, I complete one more swipe of this stick in my crease.  And just like that, we’re off to the races!


(Ready to head out for the day after applying like I mention above.)

At $10 for a full size, I think this is worth the cost.  Now that I’ve got it down, it’s incredibly easy to apply for everyday and it takes less steps than I’m used to with my typical shadow palette.


What new products have you tried recently that you’d recommend?

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