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Getting Back to the Grind

Coming back from our wedding this week has been tough to say the least.  No, not that “life’s a struggle” feeling or anything of the sort, but more tough to get my mind game in check.

I left for my wedding week with a whole assortment of goals for what’s next in my career and life plan.  I thought it would be great to give my mind a total and complete break off of work for a bit so that I could come back with all fires blazing.

But now, getting back to it, I’m reeeeally struggling to get back in the zone.  My mind and body are used to waking up when we feel like it, taking naps when we feel like it, writing when we feel like it, and taking the antithesis of lazy hikes up mountains to stay active.  The free spirit lifestyle has me feeling, not stressed out (yet), but like it’s okay to be planning last minute blog posts, skipping workouts for days in a row, and eating whatever I want.  Not ideal for someone starting their own company in this day and age!

At the same time, this “chill” mentality has really calmed me down quite a bit.  My mind feels at ease and it’s become easy for me to remember that everything happens for a reason.

Ultimately, I’m hoping that I land somewhere with a balance between the two mentalities.  I don’t want to constantly feel stressed, but I also don’t want to live an entirely lackadaisical lifestyle.  Let’s see where this one goes.


Each week, I like to review an entire day of eating to show that we can be healthy, even if every meal doesn’t take a lot of time to make or look like an Instagram picture.  This week we’re reviewing Tuesday’s (yesterday’s) meals.

7am: My usual Kroger generic brand granola bar and hot tea (English Breakfast Tea.)

7 13 16_1

10am: Chocolate Mint Nooma.  I’ll share more about these on Friday, but just know that you’ll be seeing a lot about these in the near future.

7 13 16_2

12:30pm: BLT from Vert Restaurant.  I ate almost all of it and it was delicious, but a bit too much Italian dressing.  Had a bit of fresh slaw and a few bites of fresh pasta salad on the side.

7 13 16_3

4pm: Oatmeal Chocolate Fudge Bar

Oatmeal Chocolate Fudge Bars _4

6pm: Italian Sausage and green peppers.  I forgot to take a picture of my meal, so I took one of Ray’s, as I had eaten about the same number of of peppers, but only one sausage.

7 13 16_4

8pm: Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich, another small Oatmeal Fudge Bar, and a small piece of chocolate.

Overall, the day was okay – not great, but not I’m-running-home-crying-at-the-end-of-the-day terrible either.  I went a bit insane with chocolate at the end of the day (one way to put it) because I was starving.  But, truthfully, I think that a lot of that was dehydration because I was on the go all day and didn’t make much time to drink water.

Goals for the upcoming week include implementing more protein, getting back to less sweets (though not zero), and making sure that I drink more water across the day.


How do you get back to regular, daily habits after extended time off?

Do you have any tips to stay on track with drinking water?

Create a great life!

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