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How to Feel Beach Ready

It’s not even the beginning of March and all of the talk in my office is Spring Break plans.  “Where are you going for the holiday?” and “When are you leaving on your cruise?” are regular questions that I receive… and I don’t even have children nor plans to go on a cruise in the near future!  But all of this talk has me begging for beach-ready weather and thinking that I just maaaaay want to prep myself for a swimsuit.  Maybe.  One day.  But for now, I’ll stick to my more flexible wedding fitness and diet plan – much more sustainable in my book.

But for those of us with four seasons, how do we get back to feeling beach ready.  No matter what, you are a gorgeous, loving specimen of human being.  But after months of being fully covered up in baggy turtlenecks and muumuus, jumping into the ocean is the last activity in our consideration set!  So let’s talk about some tactics that I’ve used to feel beach ready in a hurry, while still supporting a healthy amount of calories and desserts on your birthday.

How to Feel

Build Strong Body Language

When you picture a confident person, what do you see.  No matter if it’s an actual individual or someone imaginary that you conjured up, I bet that there are a few consistencies across the portraits in our minds.  Shoulders pulled back to present good posture, eye contact in conversations, a smile on their face, and slow,. clear speech.  Take the time to think about how you are presenting yourself, because the simple act of standing up straight will make a huge difference, both in how you’re perceived and how you feel.

Create a Gratitude List

If you’re a regular SST reader, you know that I’m a huge fan of gratitude lists.  Multiple times in my life, creating gratitude lists have changed my perspective and built up positivity and optimism until I’m back on top of the world.  If I’m ever feeling nervous or my self confidence is low, I pull together a simple list of things I’m thankful for and accomplishments I’m proud of achieving in the recent past.  Putting these lists somewhere that they’ll be seen regularly will reminds to be inspired by my personal accomplishments.  Try this tip, because you are something to be proud of.

IMG_0068 Encircle Yourself with Positivity

This tip is definitely for some, and definitely not for others – though I’ve found it to be incredibly important for me.  When I am trying to build my energy and confidence, I try to fill my life with others that are examples of the positivity I want to bring to the world.  It has been tough at times, because I’ve had to cut out some “friends” that I felt close to, but that closeness wasn’t built on something real.  if someone is consistently negative or toxic to your self love, then consider taking a minute away from those individuals.  Once you’re feeling like the energetic, confident person you can be, consider re-building those relationships.  But, especially if you feel that’s the right direction to take, be sure to only take strides forward in gaining energy and confidence so that you can thrive.


The more I sit still, whether working 24/7 or watching television, the more I feel “blah.”  Sitting becomes more sitting in my life – even on rest days, I have to have a plan to do something active.  After taking a simple, 10-minute walk, science shows us that it perks up energy for at least two hours following.  The more you move, the more energy you feel, and the more confident you become.  So make sure that you have a plan to consistently get up and move on a regular basis, especially just before heading to the beach.

IMG_0060 Eat Nutritiously

You know that tired feeling that you sometimes feel just after eating?  That “food coma”?  While it can mean a variety of factors related to your meal, for me, that typically means that I ate too much.  But after days of healthy eating – including fiber, protein, healthy fats – I feel much lighter and more energized.  While the amount of calories you eat is important, it’s even more important to be sure that we’re eating healthy foods.  For example, studies show that Omega-3 Fatty Acids (found primarily in fish, which I am seriously lacking in my diet) improve mood and brain function.  This means that the food you eat can actually help you to skip the midday slump!


What are the main factors you focus on to build your energy and confidence?

Are there any things you focus on when prepping to head to the beach?

Create a great life!

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