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Incredibly Proud to Announce: 30 Minutes to Your Most Confident Self

Happy Monday morning!  I’m incredibly excited to share 30 Minutes to Your Most Confident Self. Join this FREE, 30-minute course here.  But first…

I have a little extra content before our holiday break that I’ll be sending out via email before our holiday break.  If you’re already signed up, then have no fear, because you’ll be receiving our stories and updates.  If you’re not, then be sure to sign up in the pop up or in the footer of this page.  I can’t wait to share!

The Background

The past few years, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching. What am I, and what is my business, struggling with?

Despite the past almost 6 years of healing, hard work, and growth, I still often felt like I was sprinting and striving for what I needed out of life. Instead, I knew I needed to be relaxing a bit and allowing life to come to me full of grace.

I realized that what I was missing was confidence. Confidence in myself, confidence and comfort in the journey, and confidence in my self-worth.

Here’s What I Learned

Confidence is a STRENGTH, and you just need the right coaching to get you there.  Just like any muscle, it takes work and working with an expert that’s been there tells you what steps are most efficient and effective.  It saves time and helps you walk towards your ideal life full of love immediately, rather than waiting several years to know what steps to take.

I developed a series of efficient, actionable steps that build and portray confidence and are easily applicable to daily life.  Steps that WORK and will work for EVERYBODY.

And thus, 30 Minutes to Your Most Confident Self was Born

30 MinuteS Towards Your Most Confident Self

To start everything off, I am going to be hosting a FREE, live, 30 minute course to share the 5 simple lessons that I’ve learned over the years.  It’s going to be a fun, action-packed 30 minutes full of life-changing knowledge.

I am so ready to start 2017 as the most confident, energized, empowered woman I can be – and I want you to be there with me! These steps will teach you what you need to stop feeling stuck, bust out of your rut (NOW!), and how you can actually find out what’s behind any feelings of self doubt or lack of self-confidence.

How to Join

To join this awesome, new course, register here. It’s scheduled for December 14th, 4pm EST (1pm PST), and the recording will be sent out following.

I can’t wait to see the amazingly confident woman you become!

Sign up for this course here, NOW!


Have you signed up to join the 30 Minutes to Your Most Confident Self, yet?

Where are you working to be more confident in your life? (Career, with family, relationships, etc?)

Create a great life!

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