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Throwing a (Healthy, Simplified) Super Bowl Party

Some awesome tips that I’m already looking forward into incorporating into our healthy(-er), simplified Super Bowl party this year.  Happy almost Super Bowl Sunday!

Every year, I feel a little bit of stress when it comes to the Super Bowl.  Everyone is watching, either for the game, commercials, or halftime show, and I want to feel as though I celebrated in the “right” way.

Super Bowl Party

Last year, with the Broncos being in the Super Bowl, we hit the jackpot – simply going to a bar and feeling like we were instantly in the spirit of the season.  But this year, we don’t have that benefit.

Because I still want to celebrate and enjoy the excitement, here are some fun tips that I’ll be taking and incorporating into our healthy, simplified Super Bowl celebration.


Baked Zucchini Crisps

I can’t be the only one that hoards chips and salty foods during football games.  But there are so many ways to get the same salty taste without the empty calories that we really have no excuse nowadays.

My favorite alternative “chip” lately has been to make Baked Zucchini Crisps.  They’re delicious, easy to make, and you won’t feel guilty if you eat the whole bowl!

Jane Hudson

I’m officially in love with the newest collection from Jane Hudson.  It’s packed full with ideal football game day looks, but the pieces are still classic enough to be worn for everyday.  Their goal to “embody a lifestyle filled with spirit, experiences, and adventure” perfectly describes their line.

I will definitely be wearing my new Austin sweatshirt (in Royal Blue & White) to feel cozy and classic for the Super Bowl and all next season!


Exercise during the game

Now I’m not planning to go to the gym during the game.  In all honesty, Sunday is my rest day anyways, so I’ll check that one off as a win either way.  But the game typically goes soooooooo loooooong, that getting my blood pumping becomes a necessity.

While I’ve done some of the “do 5 crunches with a touchdown” type of workouts in the past, I love the one that I recently spotted from Katy Widrick.  She includes a few tougher moves, so that you’ll actually get a good sweat in during the game.

Remember to feel free to modify the moves if need be.  Just moving and keeping your brain focused is a great start.


Hot Sauce Breakfast Burger

While we can be healthy and all that jazz, sometimes you just want a big, juicy burger during the game.  And that’s totally okay!  But there are definitely ways to make burgers healthier than just tossing ground beef on a bun.

To add a little bit more substance to make my burgers more filling and nutritious, I’ve loved making this Hot Sauce Breakfast Burger regularly at home.  It doesn’t take much longer to pull together, but gives you more nutritional value than a traditional burger with ketchup.


Simple Football Banner

I love this simple idea to add some fun, football-themed decoration to our home.  If you have construction paper, a pen, and some twine or string, then this is a simple addition to your home.

If you want the technical instructions, then check out Tauni’s post here.
Though, quite frankly, I’ll likely just cut paper into triangles and loop them onto twine.


Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Cake

As y’all know, I’m a sweets fan for life.  But when you’re trying to be healthy, alternative options are the way to go.  This gluten-free, vegan chocolate cake looks perfect to celebrate the Super Bowl.  Simple to make, so we won’t be spending hours in the kitchen, but still absolutely delicious.

Pro tip:
Be sure to tell the fans how healthy these are only after they’ve enjoyed every bite.

How are you planning to celebrate the Super Bowl?

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