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Life in My Eyes – November 2016

“Life in My Eyes” is a new series highlighting my favorite things across entertainment, beauty products, and everything in between.  Enjoy and please let me know anything that you’d recommend I check out in the comments section below!  And now to November…

*Disclaimer – The below content does include some affiliate links and sponsored content, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

11 9 16_5 App – I am so far from being a pro video-maker that it’s not even funny.  I’ll make a facebook live video from time-to-time, but a youtube video would be a far off dream.

But I just recently learned about the Unroll app and I think I’m in love!  It makes creating and editing videos easier than ever before.  So easy that even I can do it!  From there, you can add it to your playlist for followers to check out, or share it on any form of media.  Plus, you can watch amazing videos made by everyone from professional chefs to a professional skydiver (Joackim Johansson makes some UNREAL videos.)

I’ve already made a behind-the-scenes video of a holiday photo shoot I’m working on with a few area stores and bloggers.  And I can tell that’s just the start!

It’s a free app, so be sure to get started ASAP and follow me here!

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HASK Superfruit Shampoo, Conditioner, & Deep Conditioner – If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I’m never one to be brand loyal to shampoos or conditioners.  I tend to go to a more moisturizing product in the dry Denver Winters, whereas I let myself have a little more fun with the voluminous/glossy products in the warmer months.  But this is my first time trying HASK products and I’m hooked!  Specific to their Superfruit line of products, this is going to be a mainstay in my Winter routine for the foreseeable future.

Each of these products is filled with the vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals, and fatty-acids that we’re familiar with from very popular Superfruits.  But the ingredients within make my hair more hydrated, while also making my hair stronger than ever.  Look out Denver – there is no brittle, dry hair over here!

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Bogs Boots – If you follow me on SnapChat (@SemiSweetTooth), you know I’ve been singing the praises of these boots every time I’m in the mountains.  While we’re still getting 70-degree, sunny days in the city, the mountains are slooooowly starting to get a bit colder (still sunny) and we’re getting light bits of snow.  Already, my new Bogs Boots have been my lifesaver.

At around $120, they’re waterproof, warm, breathable, non-slip, and are classic enough to go with every outfit.  These will definitely be a mainstay in my Winter wardrobe this year.

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Suja Juice 3 Day Fresh StartLast month, I wrote about my excitement of Suja Juice entering the Denver market.  But now Ray and I have even another reason we’re super pumped.  We are currently on our second day of our Suja Juice Fresh Start Juice Cleanse and are LOVING it!

I’ve done two juice cleanses in the past (both through Peeled), and this is Ray’s first time around.  The variety of juices is delicious (the last one tastes essentially like a milkshake), and we’re drinking one every 2-3 hours, so our caloric intake is relatively consistent.

I would absolutely not call myself a pro on juice cleanses, but if you do decide to go for one, Suja’s Fresh Start has been an affordable, delicious option.  Some tried and true tips from my experiences.:

1) Chug water if you ever do a juice cleanse.  They’re flushing out your system, meaning that they slightly dehydrate your body while you’re on them.  CHUG water accordingly to keep your system revving.

2) If you’re starving on a juice cleanse, feel free to add in some lightly steamed vegetables or raw greens.  I’ve usually been a good hungry (i.e. I usually eat too much across the day, and this is the right amount of calories for my rest days – see below), but I did suggest that Ray add in some steamed veggies or raw greens on the day of his hockey game.

3) Don’t plan tough workouts while on a juice cleanse.  Your body will feel slightly depleted (not stay home from work depleted), so plan your long workout days elsewhere in the week.

4) Lastly, always try to get a buddy to do the cleanse with you.  I’ve done two with others, and one solo, and they have been SO much easier when there’s someone along for the ride.

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Indie Lee Moisturizing OilIndie Lee, in general, is an amazing brand.  They’re an eco-chic, stylish, sustainable skincare brand that uses all-natural ingredients from all over the globe.  But, while being green AF, their products also feel beautiful and luxurious.  All around yes.

I recently tried out Indie Lee’s moisturizing oil in Lavender Chamomille.  Now that it’s part of my dry weather regimen, I’m never giving it up.  Compared to a lot of the oils I’ve tried, this one provides the moisture I feel my skin needs, without feeling overly greasy or clogging my pores.  It softens my skin and helps me to feel ready to take on the day without too much additional makeup.

While this moisturizing oil comes in three scents, the Lavender Chamomille is my pick, though they each serve their own purposes.  The one I purchased has a calming effect and is meant primarily for cell regeneration.  For the other scents, the Patcholi Sandalwood is meant to even skin tone and decrease inflammation, while the Vanilla Citrus is created to be used for face, body, and hair and leaves a gorgeous lingering scent.

At $36 a bottle, you’ll get plenty of uses.  This one, in my opinion, is definitely worth the price.

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Westworld – I’ve always been a cinema fan, but lately, I’ve been finding myself fascinated by some of the shows on the small screen (more favorites to come next month.)  While I feel like the quality of films is declining, some television shows are leaving me on cloud 9.  On of which is Westworld.

For those that haven’t caught this HBO show, it’s an hour-long show that’s hosted on Sunday nights.  The cast features amazing actors such as Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, James Marsden, and the not-to-be-outdone Anthony Hopkins.  Based on the 1973 film of the same name, it brings viewers to a world caught somewhere between the near future and the “Wild West,”  People can visit a “theme park” where they can live out their every fantasy and be anyone they want to be.  That’s all I’ll say of the plot, because you need to watch this show to make it real.

We’re six episodes into the ten-episode seasons and I’m already upset that we’re over halfway done.  It’s beautifully filmed, the script keeps you on the edge, and the overall story is a fascinating look at society as a whole.  It’s definitely worth the hour of your week.

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SULWHASOO Brightening MaskI recently had a post on SST about my love for Korean sheet masks.  So I was incredibly excited when Sulwhasoo sent me one of their EX Brightening Masks to try out!  Taking only 10-minutes, this mask has left my skin much more luminous after only one use.  Made with plant pulp and white ginseng, this specific kind of mask is built to increase circulation and defend against collagen degradation.  Both sound great in my book!

Overall, the feel is cooling and my skin feels instantly rejuvenated.    It’s amazing to actually see and feel the mask working – your skin actually soaks up the liquid on the sheet mask.  Especially with the juice cleanse I’m on (see above), the additional step to my usual routine is absolutely welcomed and necessary – my skin is more glowing than ever!


What are some of your favorite finds from across this month?

Do you have a favorite video sharing software that you love to use?

Create a great life!

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