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Eddie Borgo for Target

First of all, let’s talk about Eddie Borgo. Not the guy (I don’t know him), but the designer’s collection. His pieces are almost otherworldly, with a complete geometric feel. His collections regularly feature incredibly unique silhouettes, which has become, in my eyes, his signature style. You guys know me, I’m a preppy, classic-wear fan, but his re-creation of classics is absolutely stunning and can be incorporated with any look as a prime statement piece.  (Plus, his pre-fall collection focuses on the pearl.  I think I’m in love…)

Photo from fashion week daily

Photo from fashion week daily

Then, let’s take a second to talk about how Target is rockin’ their designer partnerships lately.  Yes, we all know about their recent Lilly work, but did you know that their limited-edition of customizable accessories from Eddie Borgo released on Tuesday?  If not, get there now.

To give you a little taste, check out some of my favorite pieces below.  Then RUN, don’t walk, to make sure that you can add these pieces to your repertoire while you still can!

Note: These are only highlighting pieces of the customizable looks.  You can literally customize and build your own piece so that they are unique to you.  Amazing?!  I know…

eddie borgo2

Gemstone Earring Set – $19.99

There are available “charms” that you can add onto each of these, but I even love them by themselves!

Puzzle Bead Pack - Rose Gold $16.99

Puzzle Bead Pack – Rose Gold $16.99

The silver piece is actually a customizable base, so you can pick whatever type of beads you prefer!

Beaded Necklace - Mixed Metals, $24.99

Beaded Necklace – Mixed Metals, $24.99

You can pick whatever “charm” you most like for the base of the necklace.  Or it even looks awesome by itself!

Puzzle Bead Back - $16.99

Puzzle Bead Back – $16.99

The beads are able to be switched out on this one!  It’s more of a “choker” feel, sitting right at the collarbone.

This last one makes absolutely no sense in my daily life, but I love it just the same:

Feather Mobile - Gunmetal, $49.99

Feather Mobile – Gunmetal, $49.99

Please note: None of this post is sponsored.  I just love Eddie Borgo and thought to pass along the good word!


What are your favorite pieces from the collection?  What would be your favorite way to customize each piece to fit your own taste?

Create a great life!

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