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DIY Earrings with Gild Collective

When the women of the start up Gild Collective reached out to me asking if I’d like to host a party filled with DIY goodness, I answered with an emphatic “YES” before they had the chance to change their minds.  We all know this is far from a DIY blog, but the process and instructions were so clear that even I couldn’t mess them up!

12 15 15_3 My good friend Rebecca from The Novice Native showing off the earrings we made.  We both wore them to a photo shoot the next day!

At Gild, they made it SUPER easy for my group of girlfriends and I to have a night of creative and supportive crafting.  They design DIY projects and carefully curate them into kits that are perfect for individual use.  These kits also include detailed written, photo, and video instruction, along with always having someone available live to assist via live-chat, phone, or FaceTime if someone got stuck mid-craft.  Great service!

Beyond just their products and service, these female founders are serious inspirations!  It takes some real guts to quit full time jobs to disrupt the system and make a dream a reality.  But it takes even more guts to move forward confidently with grace, gumption, and while being kind/building up other women along the way!  Let’s be honest, as women, even when we try, we’re not always incredibly kind to ourselves or to one another.  But through everything, the constant string is that these women inspire us to be the best versions of ourselves.  (As a perfect example, check out an article I posted by one of the founders on my Weekly Favorites found here.)

12 15 15_1 To quickly highlight the process, the party planner contacts the Gild girls, and the Gild team can create a unique URL complete with a date and craft survey, so that you can pick the date that works for most of your friends and your invitees can purchase the craft they are most interested in creating.  At our holiday function, we had girls creating earrings (your’s truly!), a sun-dial mirror, and ceramic jewelry dishes.  All were so unique!

The kits are all shipped to the hostess (pictured just above) in perfect condition for party time!  Check out pictures below for all of the fun I had in making the six sets of earrings include in my kit.

12 15 15_4 The adorable kits include everything you’ll need to make your craft, down to extra craft paper so that you don’t make a mess.

12 15 15_5

12 15 15_2

Because these crafts are ultimately designed by you, the kits do allow a bit of flexibility so that you can get creative.  For example, while I could have followed the designs on the website and instructions exactly, I decided to make some of my own designs.  I wore the bottom gems in the picture directly above in a photo shoot you’ll see for New Year’s, whereas Rebecca used pink and clear gemstones to make her own design in the first picture of this post.

12 15 15_6

By the end of the evening, everyone was able to go home with their completed craft, complete with the nifty carrying case provided by Gild.

A huge THANK YOU to the Gild Collective team for reaching out to let us participate in a holiday craft.  Also, thanks to my dear friend Brittany over at The Cashmere Gypsy for providing some of the pictures above!


Have you ever hosted a DIY girls night?  If so, what did you make?

Start planning your own Gild Collective party by clicking here.  Remember to tell me how it went and to send me pictures afterwards!

Create a great life!

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