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Color Your World: How to bring more color into our lives?

By: Natalie

Color has always played an important role in my life. In fact, I have had the same favorite color – yellow – since I was a little girl! I choose to surround myself with bright patterns and contrasting colors because it makes me feel joyous and happy.

Various colors have been proven to make us feel hungry, inspired, or even mad, so it would be helpful to harness that power into something useful. With that in mind, I recently started researching color psychology to get a better grasp on how different colors affect my mood, feelings, and emotions.

Below, I have included a short summary of what each color represents along with a tidbit of information to help you surround yourself with the best colors for your dreams and goals. Keep reading to learn about each of the colors and think about how they shape your life. Though, at the end of the day, all that matters is your happiness- so surround yourself with your favorite colors and keep on doing your thing!

What is Color Psychology?

Color psychology is the process in which our brains react to the different colors we see. It affects our day-to-day decisions and can make us feel specific emotions and moods. Our color preferences say a lot about our personalities, and can even stem back to familial ties, the environment in which we were raised, or even how our brains are wired.

Color psychology is used by painters, graphic designers, marketers, and more! It is a powerful tool that we too can harness in our own personal lives.

Each color has typical characteristics, but they may vary from person to person. Below, I listed several colors along with their standard traits. Consider the role each of these colors play in your life!


Red is the color of passion, energy, and strength. It represents danger and power. The color red has deep physical effects on the body as well. Red can change metabolism, respiration rate, and blood pressure.

When to use the color red in your life

If you are looking for passion, self-improvement, or a little bit of self-confidence, then red would be a great color to sport on a night out. Or, if you are looking for a push in the professional world, red would be a great addition to your next project or ambitious pursuit.


Pink is often a color associated with youthful innocence or a playful attitude. It is also a color that represents hope, prosperity, and optimism. Those tender emotions can also be reflected as gentle and nurturing- which is why this color is often associated with femininity.

When to use the color pink in your life

If you are looking to bring a little bit of softness into your life, or if you want to feel a little bit more feminine, try surrounding yourself with the color pink. Pink is gentle, kind, and innocent, the perfect lipstick shade!


Bright and bold orange is associated with energy, success, attraction, creativity, and stimulation. Orange is also closely tied to the color yellow, which is often perceived as happy.

When to use the color orange in your life

If you are looking to get a promotion, attract a new friend, or experience a buzz of inspiration, then orange is the color for you! Orange is a bold color that will make you stand out from the crowd.


Yellow is the color of intellect, happiness, energy, and cheerfulness. Similar to the color red, yellow can have a profound impact on our physical feelings. Yellow can stimulate our minds, make us feel happy, and even produce a warming effect.

When to use the color yellow in your life

When seeking times of productivity, yellow is the perfect color to use to surround yourself. If you are hoping to get a difficult task done or if you are looking for inspiration, consider the addition of something yellow into your work-space.


Green is a very natural color, which we perceive as calming. As the representation of balance and harmony, green has the strength to serve as a healing color. Green represents truth, stability, wisdom, and confidence.

When to use the color green in your life

If you are going through a difficult life process, bringing the color green into your living space will make you think and feel a bit more calm and clear. Green can help ground us and bring us serenity. You might even consider bringing a little plant into your house as a way to see green on the daily.


Blue is unique – it’s authentic and enthusiastic. It can also be seen as sympathetic, personal, and compassionate. It is the color of a nurturer.

When to use the color blue in your life

When you want to help others or provide comfort to those in need, wear the color blue. Blue is a very trustworthy color that is often seen as sympathetic. Or, if you are looking to add a little bit of extra zen to a busy Monday morning, consider adding a little bit of blue into your space.


When you mix blue and red you get purple, which is why it makes sense that purple represents the qualities of both of those colors. Red is passionate and blue is authentic, and together they make the perfect match.

When to use the color purple in your life

If you are looking to make a statement at your next event, go for purple. Purple is bold, but it also showcases a creative side. It is passionate and authentic- the best of both worlds!


Adaptability, honesty, and reliability – these are all traits associated with the color brown. It is a mature color that does not always need to grab our attention.

When to use the color brown in your life

When things feel like they are changing in your life and you want to feel more in control, consider adding a bit of stability with the color brown. The color brown does not always grab our attention, but it can be nice to have its calming presence during a rough day or week.


White is frequently tied to ideas of goodness, light, and perfection. Brides wear white dresses for this very reason! White can also represent success and positive feelings, so it can lead you in the right direction.

When to use the color white in your life

If you are a bride (or just someone who wants a little goodness in your life), white is a great color to surround yourself with. Also, consider using the color white when you want to overcome feelings of negativity.


Think elegance, power, and mystery. The color black is a color of strength and formality, often associated with authority figures.

When to use the color black in your life

The little black dress is a staple for a reason! If you are looking for a little bit of elegance or charm, consider wearing black to add a touch of sophistication to your life.

How Can We Bring Color Into Our Daily Life?

After researching how colors affect my mood and feelings, I brainstormed ways I could implement these different hues into my day-to-day life. Ultimately, life is about being surrounded by the things you love the most- including colors! Below are four categories in which I have been able to add more colorful choices into my daily actions.

Use color to organize and plan

Personally, I feel my most productive when I organize my planner by color. Each category or task in my schedule has a specific color, which makes it easier to gauge what needs to be done and when. Whether you use a pen and paper planner (like me!) or a digital calendar, color coding makes organization a little bit easier to visualize.

Find beautiful scenes and sights

After taking a cross-country road trip this past summer, I have been endlessly amazed by the brilliant colors that exist in this world. (Specifically, the earthy tones in Arizona captured my imagination in so many ways.) After that trip, I have been trying to get outside more to catch the beautiful scenes that exist in the environment.

For example, I recently saw a monarch butterfly while taking a brief walk outside. The wings on the monarch were such a wonderful shade of orange! The little things are so important, so when you have the time, consider taking a short walk or day trip to see some sights in your area.

Eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables

Eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables is well-publicized as being an easy way to try to focus on eating healthy. Try mixing up the weekly menu and add an exotic fruit or vegetable. Or, hop on to Pinterest and find a new healthy recipe to make on a special occasion. The good thing about food is that you can try it once and if you don’t like it, you never have to eat it again!

Wear a color that makes you feel confident

I love to express my creativity through my clothes. Oftentimes, that means I am wearing bright colors, bold patterns, or all of the above! While that is not everyone’s cup of tea, consider wearing your favorite color to bring a little bit of confidence to your daily life.

Recently, I wore a kelly green shirt with a bright pink sweater- I looked like a watermelon and I loved every second of it!

Color Your World

At the end of the day, your personal preferences are what matter the most. Maybe your favorite color is blue or maybe it is yellow, regardless, sport your favorite color and be proud of the confidence it brings!

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