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Body Weight HIIT Workout

I’ve found that I have seen a lot of recent success following a certain workout plan, though it’s relatively general.:

Monday – Strength Circuit

Tuesday – Cardio

Wednesday – Strength Circuit

Thursday – Cardio

Friday – Strength Circuit

Saturday/Sunday – Whatever the fudge I want, as long as I do something active 1/day

So many people out there have such great success with a more strict plan, but I’ve found that I love the creativity that comes with allowing myself to find or create new workouts.  They keep my body guessing and my mind sharp.  Check out the below Body Weight HIIT that I created for this week.  It’ll be sure to get your body sweating, while testing your total body muscle.

6 10 15_1


Do you have a plan that you regularly stick to across the week?

Create a great life!

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