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Life in My Eyes – October 2016

“Life in My Eyes” is a new series highlighting my favorite things across entertainment to beauty products to everything in between.  Enjoy and please let me know anything that you’d recommend I check out in the comments section below!  And now to October… 🙂

*Disclimer – The below content does include some affiliate links, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

The Barre Code _1

Blogger x The Barre Code Class! –
The picture above is almost irrelevant to our TBC class, but it was taken at The Barre Code and is just a hint at the randomness Natasha, Rebecca, and I get into when we’re together.  We can’t wait to host our Barre Class alongside The Barre Code this coming weekend!

The class will be held THIS WEEKEND at The Barre Code in downtown Denver.  It costs $5 if you’re not a Barre Code member, or is free is you are a member of the studio.  To sign up:

If you’re a new Barre Code visitor

  1. Visit –> Denver, Colorado
  2. Create a New Account & create a login/password (including the personal information required)
  3. Choose Online store –>Barre Classes –> First Time Studio Visit
  4. Enter promo code BLOGGERPARTY
  5. Sign up for the class called “Blogger Barre Code” on October 16th at 12:30pm

If you’re a Barre Code Regular

  1. Sign up for the class called “Blogger Barre Code” on October 16th at 12:30pm

Can’t wait to see you there!

Sprouts Farmers Market

Sprouts Farmers Market – My favorite stores are those that are more than just a store.  I love those businesses that want to engage with the community and teach us how to live better lives, rather than just building their pocket book.  And that’s exactly what I’ve found at our local, recently built Sprouts.

I had the opportunity to attend an event at Sprouts where they paired us with a nutritionist and guided us through the store to learn more about the newest hot super-food, Turmeric.  I’ve never been able to create a dish that I’ve loved using this ingredient, which has almost a curry flavor, but I knew that I wanted to explore more options.  After trying a variety of options alongside the nutritionist, I found that I loved pairing a spoonful on top of an apple (kind of like how I’ve used cinnamon in the past), or dropping a spoonful into my favorite vanilla Greek yogurt!  And you don’t need much Turmeric to see the benefits!  You actually only need 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon a day to keep your digestion in track.  Beyond helping our digestive health, Tumeric has tons of other benefits – Cancer prevention, lowering blood sugar, strengthening our immune system, decreasing symptoms of dementia & depression, & reducing inflammation.  1/2 a teaspoon a day is definitely worth it!

Thanks, Sprouts, for the invitation to learn more about this delicious super-food – and for joining our downtown Denver community!

The Barre Code _2

Mile High Lashes – I’m a HUGE lash extension fan.  I got them for our wedding, and just got a new set before heading out for the Bachelorette party this past weekend.  But, at least since moving to Denver, I’ve rarely found a location that I honestly feel is worth the price.  Until I recently found Mile High Lashes…

Let’s just say that there’s a good reason why Oxana, the face behind Mile High Lashes, is booked out several weeks in advance.  She takes her time to refine her craft and I walked out with full looking, natural lashes that have stayed looking beautiful through hot weather, too much makeup application (it was a Bachelorette party after all), face washing, and multiple changes in weather.  Her studio was clean and comfortable and the music she played was relaxing and positive.  I walked out feeling like I just had a massage!

I think one of the best parts of working with Oxana was that she provided detailed pre- and post-care instructions.  Often, when you get extensions, salons treat it almost like a hair cut.  Just kind of a “come as you are” mentality.  But, after working with someone that provides fantastic instruction for how to get the best out of your lashes, it’s obvious that it’s the better way.

For example, do not drink caffeine starting four hours before your appointment because it has the tendency to make your eyelids flutter during your eyelash extension application.  How have I never heard that throughout all of my past appointments?!  She also provides a cleanser when you make an appointment with her that is soft on your eyes, but will be good to use everyday to keep your eyelashes in the best shape possible.

I’m so excited that I found Oxana in Denver and already can’t wait to get back there the next time I need my eyelashes looking beautiful!

evian facial spray

Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray Travel SizeWe all know that Summer and Fall are the stereotypical “wedding seasons” (including our own this year), but they’re also some of the warmest months in the year.  It’s hard to stay looking good when the sun is beating down on your face!  Even following the weddings we attended this Summer, I’m still using Evian’s Facial Spray and have been dragging a travel size around with me everywhere.  It helps my hair and makeup stay put, cools me off on those hot days, and feels kind of like an affordable luxury for when I can’t get to the spa.  I’m even planning to bring this with me on ski trips into the Winter to help me avoid that wretched windburn!

The Barre Code _3

Homesick Candles – Lately, I’ve been paying a lot more attention to the way that scents impact my memories of different places.  I often remember the small of fall and crunching leaves when I think about Chicago.  Or I remember the smell of handmade pasta wafting into the streets in Italy.  This made me even more excited when I learned about a new-ish brand called Homesick Candles.  They craft soy, 100% American-made candles that include scents that are based on your home state.  Michigan smells of cherries and chocolate, eliciting an indian summer, whereas Louisiana is filled with magnolia, honeysuckle, and jasmin.  They’re adding states all the time, and I’m already madly in love with the Illinois and Colorado scents that are filling our home.

Hydropeptide Travel Set

Hydropeptide On-the-Go Glow Travel Set – In buying our place in Breckenridge, one thing that I absolutely did not consider was how spending more time in the mountains would take a toll on my skin.  I am lucky that most of our days there are filled with anything but makeup, but the super dry air means that the lack of makeup is the only good thing I’m doing for my skin.  But now, I’ve found Hydropeptide’s new On-the-Go Glow Travel Set and I feel like it’s solved all of my problems.  I just pack it whenever we head up to the mountains and my skin feels refreshed and clean everyday I’m there.  (My personal favorite product in the set is the Purifying Facial Mask.  It feels like heaven after a long day of hiking in the mountains.)  Also, you can get 20% off of your purchase of you own On-the-Go Glow travel set here with the code BBACK20A.

The Barre Code _4

RAD Roller – I’ve written before about my love of foam rolling to reduce tension and tightness, but now I’ve found RAD Roller and I’m in love.  Including a full kit of tools, RAD has a product that will help you to roll out tension from every part of your body.

I have two favorite products:

1) Pictured above, I’m using the RAD Rod.  It allows for targeted control so that I can hit the exact spot I want to with the right amount of pressure.  There are also larger add ons that come with this tool so that I can target larger areas of my body (ex. back) without a problem, too.

2) There’s also a small “RAD Round” ball that I leave on my desk and use frequently when my hands need a break.  Working regularly on my phone and computer, I live in constant fear of carpel tunnel and sore wrists.  This little ball has been a lifesaver during the work days.;

As an extra perk, RAD will also be joining us at our event at The Barre Code and those present will receive a large discount.  Can’t wait to show you guys what all the fuss is about!

Valentia Moisturizer

Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer – I’ve written before about my love for Valentia (see here), but I’m now pretty much a super fan for the whole brand. When I spotted this Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer, I knew I had to give it a shot. It’s refreshing and moisturizing, but doesn’t leave me feeling greasy. A lot of the time, when I buy a ultra-hydrating moisturizer, it’s almost too thick and never sinks in completely. This product restores my skin and hydrates all day while feeling entirely weightless. I consider that a win in my book. (P.S. Learn more about Valentia, my new favorite brand, here and here.)

The Barre Code _5

Whiskey Throwdown & Donut Showdown – This Saturday, October 15th, I also be attending Denver’s Whiskey Throwdown & Donut Showdown at Cluster Studios.  (I’ll be joined by several other area bloggers, including the always-amazing Lacey of My Boring Closet.)  It’s an awesome event that raises money for Minds Matter of Denver that is a local non-profit that provides mentorship opportunities for low-income high school students in the area.

I’ll be attending the 2-5:30pm shift and already cannot wait to enjoy the all-you-can-drink locally distilled spirits and all the donuts I can enjoy in that time period.  Be sure to stop me to say hello if you join!

Use the code “sprinkles” for $10 off your tickets.  See you there!

The Barre Code _6

Suja Juice – Suja recently entered the Denver market and I think I’m addicted.  I don’t picture myself regularly drinking the vinegar juices everyday – though I’m trying to incorporate them into my routine once per week or so.  However, the probiotic waters are delicious and, between Ray and I, flew out of our refrigerator.  I’m also getting excited to try out their Suja Juice 3 Day Fresh Start juice cleanse between Halloween and a wedding I’m in to get my system ready to go leading into the holidays.  Perfect timing!


What are some things that you’d loving leading into the Fall?

Are you able to attend any of the awesome events coming up this weekend?

Create a great life!

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