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Weekly Workouts

1) 100s Workout (

photo 4

2) Best believe I walked part of this – it was scalding!  That… and I listened to Michael Jackson radio (obviously.)

run 03 30 2015_corrected

3) Adapted from a workout from

6 3 15

4) Running HIIT from National Running Day

National Running Day Circuit

5) My Inner Thigh Toner from a bit earlier this year

Inner Thigh Toner

6) 2.7 mile hike to Flatiron 1 in Boulder, CO

7) 3.3 mile hike to Royal Arches in Boulder, CO

8) Kayla Itsines posted on of her abs workouts on Insta – follow each circuit through twice for 7 minutes.  So, 7 minutes, 4 times through.


9) Walking Workout from  I ended up running half of it, but



10) My arm workout – was feeling this on the shoulders the next day!


11) My Earth Day workout – except, instead of a 1/4 mile run, I did 0.5km on the elliptical.  Totally different, I know.  But the goal was to get a sweat in, and I did that. 🙂

Earth Day Workout

12) My recent HIIT circuit.  Woof.  Burpees.


13) 5 mile hike through the snow

14) Yoga on the Green at Viewhouse in downtown Denver

15) Laid Back Mommy shared this workout from BuzzFeed’s “the only workout you’ll need this Summer”… so I decided to check it out for myself, for at least a day. 🙂  I added in a short warm up, cool down, and stretching.  ALWAYS important to remember when doing any for of training.

FullSizeRender (2)

16) Got this one from – Do each circuit for 8 minutes straight.  32 minutes total.  Only change I made was turning the walking lunges into reverse lunges due to space constraints.  (And add a warm up, cool down, and stretch.  Obviously.)  You’ll be feeling this one the next day. 🙂

mind body vision

17) From  LOVE that she includes a warm up and stretching… not that I harp on that or anything.  Ha!


18) Planned fourteener, but you guys know how that one turned out (allowed a 3 day break afterwards to celebrate with friends nearby and get some initial planning taken care of…)

19) My Total Weight Circuit

6 18 15_1

20) From one of my favorite followers from the beginning…  I ended up rockin’ this one out 4 times through for a 20 minute morning workout.  I also separated the jump squats and 15/leg regular lunges afterwards due to my lack of coordination.

my goodness workout

21) From my studette Angela over at  Cardio.  WOOF!  I’d recommend combining this one with the one below if you have the time for full body strength training.


22) From – In case it’s super blurry on your computer, do each circuit 3 times through:

Circuit 1

Overhead Press (12 lbs)

Tricep Kickbacks (12)

Chest Press (12)

Circuit 2

Side Plank with Lateral Raise (12/side)

Push Up (15)

Tricep Dips (15)


23) The Perfect Pin workout from

the perfect pin

24) From  Always unreal, typically speedy and weight-free workouts!

fitsugar pic 25

25) My dumbbell workout.  Burpees.  Woof!


26) From  Perfect for rockin’ out a quick, AM workout!  I did 2sets to make it a ~20 minute workout, 1 set with narrow squats and 1 with sumo, and 1 set with front lunges, the other with side.


27) – linked from Pinterest


28) Dance the night away at Zac Brown Band, plus a long walk around the city.  Great active rest day!

29) If I’m inside on a treadmill lately, you’re going to see me doing walking workouts, like the one I found from below.

workout2 (2)

30) Core Blast from


31) My Full Body, No Equipment Workout


32) Only had time for a super, super quick one today.  But luckily, was ready to go with a workout that got my blood pumping in a hurry!  (You’ll see more of her workouts in the future, she’s in the middle of a challenge with her readers with a ton of super quick workouts for those in a time crunch!)


33) From BuzzFeed. I changed the second set of jumping jacks to jump rope, and changed the jump lunges to 25 jump squats, keep all else the same.  Rock it!


34) I especially love the ab circuit in this 20 minute Pop Sugar full body workout (uses 5 lb dumb bells)

35) Shoulda’ done this one first on my 2-a-day to catch up on my days.  This is a tough 20 minute workout from Pop Sugar, taught by Astrid Swan McGuire from Barry’s Bootcamp.  BRUTAL shoulder work.

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  • Reply Laura Kate

    Hi, found you via the Linkd up Tuesday. I am a fitness fanatical mum and foodie too. Maybe have a look at my blog sometime. I havent posted my workout stuff on the blog, I find it hard to share – have no idea why. I guess I just dig deep and get on with it. You’re doing a great job. Laura

    April 14, 2015 at 2:14 pm
    • Reply semisweettooth

      Hey there! Blogging about workouts can feel incredibly personal. But the good news is that the blog world has felt like such a safe space – especially because I originally started it as more of a personal diary to keep me accountable. Once you get into the practice, it won’t feel like anything out of the ordinary. 🙂

      April 17, 2015 at 12:27 pm
      • Reply Laura Kate

        Thank you. I like the concept of a blog as a journal. it helps give a ‘reason for being’ to the whole thing.

        April 21, 2015 at 2:28 pm
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  • Reply Tricia Johnson

    I completely forgot about doing a circuit style workout with running a certain distance in between the different exercises or round of a few exercises. I used to do this all of the time! I can’t believe I forgot about it until now! Thanks for jogging my memory and nice work taking on such an intense challenge!

    June 16, 2015 at 11:11 pm
    • Reply semisweettooth

      Thanks! Yeah, it’s actually been a lot of fun! It’s led me to try several different workouts, allowing me to both be creative myself, as well as checking out others’ creative workouts along the way. 🙂

      June 17, 2015 at 9:31 am
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