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Top 5 YouTube Workout Channels

This week, I’ve just been feeling “blah” most days.  I’m not sleeping well, something is definitely up with my right eye (any eye docs out there?), and my schedule is completely booked solid with meetings and tasks to cross off.  Unfortunately for me, that means that it becomes a real challenge to fit in a workout.  But the truth is, when fitness is part of your lifestyle, when these weeks come along, you’re okay with it.  You might miss a workout here or there, but you know that’s just the season you’re in today.  All seasons are temporary, so it’s only a short matter of time before I’ll be up and running like I just won the Lottery.

Top 5

On the days that I do have time to fit in a super quick workout, the last thing I have on my mind is creating a workout from scratch.  I tend to lean on my own archives, past weekly workouts, or on my top 10 fitness bloggers to follow for workouts that I know will do the trick.  But lately, I’ve been loving the flexibility of a good, classic YouTube video.  Whether you want “20 minute dance cardio” or “1 hour strength training,” options abound to fit your tastes and preferences.  While some YouTube channels are made by professionals, others are made by folks I wouldn’t trust as my personal trainer.  To help guide the search, below are my top five YouTube workout channels that should get you well on your way to a great fitness routine.

Top 5 YouTube Workout Channels

b36117d8_edit_img_facebook_post_image_file_845236_1399999989_FBZbOG7G.fbshare PopSugar Fitness has been on my favorites list for years.  They have a HUGE variety of workouts from the instructors that either started the workout from scratch (Piloxing) or those that are the celebrity instructors we wish we could see on a regular basis (Barry’s Bootcamp.)  I think a huge piece of why I love these videos is their usual host Anna.  Whether she’s taking the class while showing us to do the best we can (I’m guessing she doesn’t have a dance background) or she’s hosting a workout she created, she makes sure that all of her videos are high energy and hard work.  You’ll definitely feel like you’ve accomplished a good workout after you’re done with a PopSugar video.

o_fitness_blender_cardio_hiit_workoutFitnessBlender is a husband and wife team that is committed to good workouts and eating healthy.  What Daniel and Kelly don’t have in high energy music, they make up for with good form and well structured workouts.  This is where I’ll go if I’m looking for the workouts we’re most familiar with blog-wise.  If I’m not looking to try something new, but I’m wanting a good HIIT or strength-training session without the fuss of sifting through workouts, then Kelly is who I trust to get me there.  Not only does she show up like I typically show up to workout classes, messy bun and all, but she definitely knows what she’s talking about more than most in the YouTube workout sphere.

cassey-pink-bra Blogilates was created by blogger Cassy Ho as a way to combine her love of Pilates and HIIT training into one happy, healthy workout style.  From my experience, Blogilates is filled with quick workouts that you can complete in a hurry, or you can easily combine together to create the full body workout you desire.  Cassey has a similar thought process to myself, sharing that you don’t have to have a workout that takes up your full day.  If you stay committed to the workout, and make sure that you are working hard the whole time, then workouts can be quick, but still of a very high quality,  Complete one of Cassey’s HIIT workouts, which usually include some Pilates moves, to try out our theory.

Tone-it-Up Tone It Up is two besties, Karina and Katrina, that include a wide variety of workouts from booty bumpin to abs and arms.  Well known for their popular challenges and worldwide community, their vides are high energy and can easily be combined should you have more time available.  Their videos are also, often in stunning locations.  I can tell you, I don’t hate feeling like I’m on vacation in the middle of my workout.  If you decide to get involved in the “TIU” community, definitely search on Instagram for meet-ups in their area.  From my Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide experience, I can tell you that being surrounded by a large group of like-minded women is a huge help for keeping you on the right track.



bio-photo Jessica Smith is well known for her workout DVDs, but her YouTube channel includes some great workouts that you can complete for free from the comfort of your own home.  Including everything from barre workouts to cardio and core, Jessica prides herself on “no crazy workouts, revealing outfits, or negative energy.”  She’s all about being a positive space in the fitness field, with a channel filled with common sense fitness for the masses.


Do you have any favorite YouTube workout channels?

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