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What Not Working Out Feels Like & Weekly Workouts

Yep, ironic title, I know, but here’s the thing… As you guys know, I stopped working out or caring what I ate for a full three weeks.  Dessert galore, vegging on the couch, and skipping literally any workout.  I have never been one to be good at sitting, but with the holidays surrounding us and getting close to six months to our wedding, it felt like the right time to just sit.  Plus, I have literally never skipped workouts for that length of time and thought it might be interesting.  And it was!  So, here’s how it felt.

What Not Working Out Feels Like

Week 1 – “This isn’t too bad!”

The first complete week was surprisingly easy.  Using all of the typical excuses we’re all familiar with (too much work to do, busy buying holiday gifts, house work, etc), it was true that my calendar was plenty full, even without working out.  I loved eating whatever I wanted, but my body wasn’t ready for it.  Bloating and all of the typical side effects didn’t make it as much fun.  While I mentally felt like I was being lazy (out of habit), I really didn’t physically feel much different than I had the week prior.

Week 2 – Side effects settle in

The second week actually felt a little bit more difficult, as side effects slowly settled in.  Though I truthfully wouldn’t have noticed them if I wasn’t familiar of what to look for across this time!  They came as subtle changes – not sleeping nearly as well as usual was probably the most noticeable.  I’ve often heard the quote, “the fitter you are, the harder you fall,” and I think this is where that started to sink in a bit.  I was far from being an Olympic level athlete, but I was noticing my body changing (not in a preferable manner) and my spirit became more negative.  But, like I said, these symptoms were relatively subtle, and I wasn’t feeling in a lazy state of mind…yet.

Week 3 – The laziness sets in

In the third week, my laziness became a habit.  I became accepting of gaining non-muscle weight (TMI?) and hardly wanted to get off the couch.  I could feel my body craving fitness and nutrition, but I was too lazy to get anything but quick, easy food that was immediately available.  The empty calories filled me up for a bit, but I was hungry again a short while later.  But the comfort of the couch and my fatigue sucked me in.  .

My Learnings

Ultimately, I absolutely understand how people that don’t work out or eat healthy stay that way.  It was INCREDIBLY difficult to consider getting back on the metaphorical horse and working out again.  But sometimes, you just have to do it.  I thought I’d be able to jump back in with no issues, but I could only do four days this past week and my entire system was fatigued.  This is teaching me to re-condition my system and re-prioritize my health.  I have become so used to prioritizing social things or my “to-do” list, that it’s difficult to change my mind set back to pulling 4% of my day out for fitness related goodness.

I’m already feeling the greatness that I’ve missed from working out over 3 weeks ago.  Back to sleeping like a baby that actually sleeps, and back to feeling more confident about myself and positive about the world around me.  Some of the mental and physical aspects will take a while to come back, but I definitely missed my healthy lifestyle more than I realized.

Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts For my first full week back, I felt pretty great about my week.  It was tough to get back into the swing of things, but 4 days is much closer to my 6-day goal than the 0 I’ve been enjoying the past few weeks. It’s all about progress, not perfection.

Monday: Brutal Butt & Thigh Workout from YouTube

Tuesday: 1 hour barre class

Wednesday: Back & Shoulder Dumbbell Workout I posted a couple of weeks ago

Thursday: Off day

Friday: Off day

Saturday: 4 hours of skiing in Breckenridge

Sunday: Off day



Have you ever taken an extended break from working out or consistent nutrition?

What do you do to come back from a rest without any hiccups?

Create a great life!

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