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To start off this week, my good friend Rachel wrote an amazing post on her business’ blog on The Busy Womans Guide to Practicing Self Love Every.Single.Day.  She and two other friends started an amazing business in Cincinnati called Gild Collective where they make Pinterest possible by bringing the craft supplies to your home so that you can have a party with your friends, complete with exact instructions and instructors!  But, even if you’re not in the Cincinnati area, read Rachel’s post.  It’s helpful, easy to follow tips that will help you be a more confident, whole version of yourself.


9 3 15_1 This is an open space, so let’s be honest with one another.  The National Dog Day posts got a wee bit annoying after a while.  But then again, I might just be saying that because I’m jealous.  Because a dog doesn’t fit within our lifestyle at this point (we reeeeally like last minute weekend trips), I found this incredibly relevant mug in our work cabinets.  And with this, I’m back to supporting the National Dog Day cause.


9 3 15_2 I LOVE having visitors.  Whenever someone comes out to stay with us or recently moves to town, it’s a blast to take them on adventures surrounding our city.  What’s even more amazing is seeing people accomplish things that they can’t do in their home town.  Last weekend, when Ray’s parents and my mother came out to visit, we took them on a beautiful, tough hike to Royal Arches.  Think of tough, uphill climbs for a few hours… sounds like fun when you’re not used to our air, right?  But I was so proud when every single one made it to the top to see some of the natural beauty our state has to offer, hopefully going back to Chicago feeling even more accomplished!


9 3 15_3 A good friend from Cincinnati, Lauren, is in town with her family for a wedding nearby, and I was so excited that she made time to grab dinner and a drink (or two) with me last night!  I took her to my favorite area of the city (Larimer Square) to show her some of the unique, privately-owned haunts around town.  It was great to catch up with Lauren over a few glasses of wine and reminisce about our trips together to Italy and Costa Rica.  Some girl time was just what the doctor ordered!  (Also, if you need evidence of me re-wearing clothes, check out this post.  Same restaurant/bar, different friend from Cincinnati, but same.exact.outfit.  It happens.)


9 3 15_4 9 3 15_5

As I mentioned in my wedding dress post yesterday, Ray and I decided to head to a random Rockies game mid-week.  While the Rockies are terrible (I think, though I don’t know much about baseball), I highly recommend checking out the stadium if you’re ever in Denver.  Get seats in the upper tiers for the best view of the mountains, amazing food (unexpected for a stadium, I know), and plenty of space to stretch out.  Bonus points if you unexpectedly wear matching Miami wear when the game has nothing to do with Miami University.  (Who knew we had so many Miami tees and baseball caps around?)


See you a bit later on today for Weekly Ensembles, leading into the holiday weekend!



What are some things you’re loving this week?  What’s standing out that makes life great?

Create a great life!

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