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The Truest Act: Listen to Your Intuition

This post dives down into the details of listening to your intuition.  What is your intuition and how do you know you’re listening to the right voice?  Continue reading to discover all of these answers and more.

Looking back as far as I can, I’ve been one to ask for advice from others on a regular basis.  From large decisions, such as where to go to college, to the trivial elements of daily life.

This habit comes from a variety of places, primarily within my upbringing, but I’ve noticed it develop into a stronger and strong habit the older I get.  This comes in two forms:

  1. On one hand, I constantly internalize any life questions I have going on so that I can ponder all of the facts before moving forward.  How will my decision impact a variety of different people within my life?  Which decision leads me on the best forward trajectory, personally or professionally?  I notoriously create lists, sit in silence to ponder, finally getting emotional about even the smallest decisions because I’ve gotten too close.
  2. On the other hand, I have a close group that I direct questions to on a regular basis.  They typically don’t know all of the various elements involved in every decision, but I trust their input, their intentions, and love to talk to them to “make sure that I’m not going crazy.”

But there is one element that I’ve learned in the past couple of years that is difficult to ignore… my intuition.  That gut feeling that’s telling me what I should or should not be doing.  That “strong suspicion” that one decision over the other is correct, even when all reason says otherwise.

So let’s explore this further…

What does it mean to “listen to your intuition?”

The reality of the situation is that we all have a guiding intuition, or a “gut feeling.”  But, over time, we fall out of practice of listening to it.  When we only practice reasoning our way through every decision, we no longer know how to listen to our gut.

Some women may even call listening to their intuition something else entirely.  In recently researching this topic, I’ve heard it called listening to your heart, divine guidance, psychic prowess, or, perhaps most popular, gut instinct.

But, no matter what you call it, listening to your intuition means listening to that still, quiet voice that is gently guiding you.  Cutting out reason and logic for a bit to honestly allow your mind to rest and allow your body to guide you.

Listen to your intuition

How do you listen to your intuition?

Start by spending some time in silence.  Your intuition’s voice is very soft and can be hard to hear.  But you will feel it in your body.  You’re feeling for clarity, for a feeling that what you’re doing is right or wrong deep in your belly.

Ask yourself a question.  It will typically be easier to feel your intuition guiding you when you ask a closed yes or no question.  “Should I take on this client?”  “Should I invest in this course?”  “Should I stay?”

Then take some deep breaths and welcome the silence.  Try to clear your mind from the madness of the world and focus purely on living in the very present.

Then picture yourself making either that yes or no decision.  Yes, you take on the client, or no, you pass on the client for the time being.

What do you feel in your gut?  One decision will give you a sense of clarity, a sense of freedom, and will allow your overall body to to feel clear and relaxed.

The other decision will almost feel like it’s tying your system in knots.  You’ll feel something in your gut, in your belly, telling you that it’s not right.

Then decide to listen to your intuition.

I’m not here to tell you that it’s going to be easy – reason might be telling you to do the opposite and intuition doesn’t give any back up or reasons why you should agree.  But I am suggesting that you give listening to your intuition a try to see where it might lead you.

Still skeptical?

For someone that’s incredibly used to tactfully thinking through decisions, listening to my intuition does not come naturally.  It’s something that’s incredibly difficult to do, but it has led me down the right path every single time.

If you’re like me, and LOVE following reason (my abstainer sistahs, I see you!), then I suggest trying out the following experiment.

Give yourself an exact period of time, perhaps a month, a week, or even just one day.  Then intentionally listen to your intuition on the various decisions you make across the day.  Should you focus on something specific at work?  Should you work out?  Should you meet up with coworkers for happy hour after work?  Try this practice with even the smallest of decisions – I practiced it yesterday determining which hike I should take in the afternoon with my pup.

Write down every decision that you make, then the end result.  Did you skip the workout, which left you rested for the surprise hike you did the next day?  Did you miss out on a great time with coworkers, or did you get some much-needed rest at home?

At the end of the day, decide what’s right for you.  Should you be listening to your intuition more or less?  Where should you be “trusting your gut,” rather than trying to reason through each and every decision?

Consider going with your gut and trusting your intuition on a more regular basis because there’s no telling what possibilities might be in store.

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Create a great life!

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