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The Best Wedding Favors: A Guest’s Perspective

Ray and I have been to a TON of weddings – 10 the first year we started dating, 12 the following, etc.  Each one has been so unique and wonderful in its own way, speaking to how different each couple is in their relationship.  While the wedding itself is a gift and we have felt incredibly honored to attend all that we have been able to, or just to be invited if we weren’t able to make the trip, most couples continue the gift with a small favor or token of appreciation.

Now that we’re in the heat of planning our own wedding, I’ve been thinking back to some of my favorite wedding favors.  Which do I still look back on and appreciate today, and which could I have done without?  And in this moment of reflection, I’ve found that all of my favorite keepsakes fall into two groupings: favors that we’re able to keep for years to come… or food.


Favors to Keep for Years to Come

No matter what the gift is, I adore if it says a little something about the couple.  Trinkets I’ve received over the years have varied from coasters that the bride’s father made from trees in her childhood home’s yard, to mixtapes from a couple that is known for their love of music, to photo booth pictures with funny faces galore.  Even if you’re intending to do something more mainstream, try to spice up the offering a bit.  Consider a personalized label on your photo booth pictures – they can even double as a part of your guest book!  Or, if you’re feeling creative, think about what you and your spouse have in common.  Maybe you both love Christmas music, so an ornament might be in order.  If you’re hosting a destination wedding at a place you hold dear, consider something that’s relevant only to that area such as a small gift box with the town name or logo engraved.  If you guys both love nature, then try out the coaster idea or consider an authentic wooden pencil and notebook.  All of these are gifts that will mean something to the guest when they see it decades from your big day.

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Yep, I said it, I love getting food, no matter the occasion.  While some of my favorite favors have been food-related, I especially love receiving local delicacies or something that brings about a bit of nostalgia.  Weddings are such formal affairs that the ability to let loose a bit on the favors makes the wedding – & the couple – feel all the more fun.  We recently went to a wedding for our friends Rebecca & Andrew where “Runts” were the favor of the night.  I hadn’t had Runts in a dog’s age and I was SO excited to be munching on our baggies of candies for weeks (except for the banana ones, you can have the banana ones.)  Breaking out old school favorites like cotton candy, Baby Ruth bars, or Swedish Fish will bring about a huge cheer from kids of all ages.  Kind of like 90s music… even if you didn’t like 90s music in the 90s, you’d probably like it now if someone decided to start jammin’ “Semi-Charmed Kinda Life.”  I’ve never been a big Swedish Fish fan, but even I’d support bringing it back elementary school style.


What are some of your favorite favors to have received at weddings?

What makes a favor worthwhile for you to receive as a guest?

Create a great life!

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