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How to: Grill the Perfect Salmon

Ray and I were recently in the mood for fish, but we’re not the most confident when it comes to grilling sea creatures.  Yes, we grill almost every night, but fish is, almost literally, from a different world than what we’re used to planning for dinner.  Luckily, through some careful preparation, our salmon came out perfectly!  If you’re in the mood for an easy, healthy, seafood-based dinner, then follow along to enjoy a tasty meal that provides fantastic nutrients that your body needs, that frequently get ignored.


First off, the picture does not do justice for the size of the fish.  Ray decided to keep things simple and to let the flavors of the fish come out by just using salt and pepper for seasoning.  Make sure you are liberal with the seasoning as you sometimes think you have put enough on, but you are wrong.  After seasoning put the fish in the fridge for 2 hours to let the seasoning set.


We then decided to cut the fish in half to allow for a quicker cooking process. Make sure your grill is preheated to medium and oiled before putting the fish on meat side down first. We cooked for about ten minutes (or until you can easily take the fish off without shredding) then took the fish off and oiled the grill again before cooking the skin side down for another ten minutes. After taking the fish off allow it to settle… then enjoy!


We decided to combine our salmon with grilled asparagus (last 10 minutes wile you’re grilling the salmon) and a sweet potato that we cooked in the oven for one hour.  This made a healthy, well-rounded meal for us to enjoy.  In fact, we were able to enjoy two nights in a row thanks to the size of the fish we purchased!



What’s your favorite way to prepare seafood?  Do you have a favorite seasoning for salmon that you’d recommend?

Create a great life!

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