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Mythological Creatures… are Real?!

A couple of weeks ago, my mom and I attended an exhibit at the nearby Museum of Nature & Science, where we learned about the histories of various mythological creatures.  Not only was it great to spend some time with my mom, but the background of these historical creatures was fascinating!

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Let’s start with my personal favorite, the unicorn.  What I found most amazing was that the myth of the unicorn likely came from people finding narwhal tusks.  I feel like narwhals are basically amazing myths themselves.  Though, according to Nat Geo, narwhals are struggling from potential extinction due to the ice caps melting… so, on another topic, SUPPORT THE NARWHALS!

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For Pegasus, I had no idea that she came from Greek mythology.  According to legend, Pegasus was born from Medusa when she was killed.  Everywhere that Pegasus stomped her foot, a spring broke forth.  Which now makes sense to me as to why Pegasus was such a symbol of the Renaissance, because Pegasus was a symbol of a steady flow of inspiration and creativity!

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Lastly, of my favorites from the exhibit, was the always popular dragon.  I had no idea that the myth of the dragon likely came from dinosaur fossils!  Historians think that they likely found several different dinosaur fossils and paired them together into the dragon.  Crazy to wonder – what might we be thinking today that people might find to be crazy years down the line?!

And then there’s the always amazing…

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…unicorn hat person taking a selfie in the museum gift shop.  HOLLA!


Do you have any myths that you still fully support?  Which is your favorite myth from back in the day?

Create a great life!

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