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Man Monday: Holiday Gift Guide for the Man in your Life

Man Monday is a series where Ray shares his opinions on love, laughter, and life in general.  If you’re interested in viewing more posts written by Ray, you can check them out here.

This time around, Ray shares some of the items on his holiday wish list.  (Editor’s note:  All picked out by himself!  Fairly impressive.)

Holiday Gift Guide for Guys

From Ray:

As we near the holiday season a lot of women are probably asking themselves,”what in the heck am I going to get him?”  You try to listen to what your +1 says they need or want, but all you hear is, “I wish I could have this car, 60′ TV, beach home, or my own private plane/yacht.”  As we approach a couple of weeks until the holidays (or you’re in the middle of Hanukkah) the typical response continues to be the oh-so helpful, “work socks, a tie, and a watch,” or the infamous, “I don’t need anything this year.”  (Ray, you’re guilty of this, too. 😉 )

Below are five gifts that will hopefully make your shopping easier and your man pumped about the awesome gift he’ll have available to show off to start the new year in style!


unnamed $395

Stumbling upon Will Leather Goods in a boutique was one of our best finds to date.  Once they graduate from college, every guy needs to put their sports duffle bag away in the closet and get a classy one for traveling. Will Leather has unique styles, butter-like leather, and supports public education with backpack donations.  Gifts that give back.  Win, win!  This bag can withstand the wear of weekend travelling and if damaged, has a 100% guarantee behind it.  I strongly suggest that every guy has this duffle (or something similar) within his repertoire for travelling.


unnamed (2) $150

When looking for a great everyday ski or activewear glove, you have found it with the Hestra Fall Line glove.  I was looking for an everyday glove that would keep my hands warm, but still have the flexibility to use my hands without taking my gloves off.  Hestra makes a amazing product and, if you put the leather oil on at the beginning of every season, you will not have to buy another glove again.  (Editor’s note: Check back this afternoon for a related post!)


unnamed (3) $30

I am biased towards this gift, being that I know the author, but with the craft brew and cycling trends both on the rise, this book does not disappoint.  Brewery Rides takes you on a tour through a wide assortment of Midwest breweries, along with 50 or less mile bike rides starting and finishing at the brewery.  As many SST readers likely know, there are few things better than a cold beer after a good sweat!  The book also takes you into the behind-the-scenes stories of each brewery and shows you the huge amount of passion the people involved have about their craft brews.  If your man likes beer and/or cycling, they will love this read.

unnamed (4) $200

I have always had issues with my headphone wires while working out and have begun to get really annoyed with earbuds falling out while I’m running or cycling. The Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones have solved all of these issues!  Leave those Apple factory earbud headphones at home and be able to have great sound while being wire free while working out. I do not have these headphones (yet! Hint to Jessica), but they are definitely on my list to Santa this year.

 unnamed (5) $50-160

I found out about this company through a friend that got one of these crates from his wife.  He said that it was probably one of best gifts he has ever received.  Man Crates has a large variety of different packages that fit every kind of man – Exotic Meats, Whiskey Appreciation, Retro Gamer, or the Caveman Crate to name a few.  Guaranteed that any guy will feel extra manly when he gets to open his crate with a crowbar that comes your gift!

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What gifts have you gotten for your also-significant other that was incredibly well-received?

If you have a gift guide for guys, feel free to share the link below.  The more ideas, the merrier!

Create a great life!

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