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Life in My Eyes – January 2017

“Life in My Eyes” is a series that highlights my favorite things across entertainment, beauty products, and everything in between.  Enjoy and please let me know anything that you’d recommend I check out in the comments section below!  And now to January 2017 …

*Disclaimer – The below content does include some affiliate links and sponsored content, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.  (Source for featured image.)

January has started as a whirlwind of visits from friends and family.  And Ray and I have welcomed every visitor with open arms.

However, the lack of schedule has forced me to stay extra aware that I’m on top of everything work/life-wise.  Luckily, the amazing finds from this month have kept me feeling refreshed and fit.

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Favorite 2017 Planner: kitlife

Most years, I have several calendars going at the same time.  I have my personal/work activity calendar on my phone, I have my blog post calendar in written form, and I write out weekly/monthly goals on separate sheets every week.

But, across the year, I have found that all of these calendars end up feeling incredibly jumbled and I lose track of many of my tasks.  I start working on my blog posts, then lose track of my big, strategic goals.  I remember personal meetings, then forget that I have two more blog posts to write for the week.

Enter my new classic edition kitlife planner, which has already become my lifesaver for 2017.  It includes weekday pages that allow you to track your big three goals for the day, hour-by-hour plans, general to-do list, daily gratitude, and a motivational quote.  The weekend pages are a bit more general, allowing for optional tracking, but really more open planning space for you to relax and ready your mind for the week ahead.  The tabbed full monthly overview pages will be used to track my blog posts, but they also allow room for my monthly goal tracking to keep me on task.  Plus, you have the option of tracking your nutrition, fitness, social media shares, and a whole assortment of other fun.

There is no doubt in my mind that having my kitlife planner with me, I’m going to be accomplishing big things in 2017.

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Favorite New Workout Studio: Cyclebar Littleton

Cyclebar is a premier spinning studio that is franchised all across the US, but they’re especially ruling the Denver studio scene.  A new Cyclebar is opening in Littleton, just outside of Denver, and I was honored to host a free VIP ride for blog readers and followers before the studio actually opens on January 22nd.

22 of you guys visited this amazing studio space on January 11th – some coming solo, some bringing friends, and some bringing spouses.  We jammed out to awesome tunes, hill climbed, raced, and spun out any stress we had from the beginning of the year.

Be sure to check out the studio now for special deals leading up to their opening day.  THANK YOU to everyone that joined this VIP ride – the community was seriously unreal and I loved meeting some of you guys face-to-face.  Thanks to Cyclebar for hosting, too!

Congrats also goes out to Lindsay who won the raffle for the gorgeous Kate Spade earrings!

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Favorite Panty Brand: BootayBag

I’ve been hearing about BootayBag for a while now, so I was incredibly excited when they reached out so that I could try out their service.  Essentially, BootayBag delivers two panties to your door per month for only $12 ( even shipping is free.)  You can pick out the specific type of panties you want, or just leave it up to their staff, and you have the option to add in a bralette for a small extra charge.

I’ll be honest – I was a little skeptical at first.  $12 is super-super affordable, so what would the quality be like?

Scout’s honor, I was incredibly impressed with the style, quality, and selection that I received!  The colors are gorgeous, the fabrics can easily compete with some of the high-cost panty brands out there, and most styles are seamless, meaning they can be worn with anything.  I’ll definitely be ordering plenty more from BootayBag in the very near future.

Insider’s tip: I especially love their lace styles.

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Favorite Face Cleanser: Mineral Fusion Facial Cleanser

I recently ran out of my go-to face cleanser and decided that it was the right time to give a new brand a try.  I had tried Mineral Fusion products prior, knew how much I trusted the brand, and decided to give one of their offerings a shot.  SO glad I did.

While Mineral Fusion has several different options and variations, I decided to try out their Creamy Brightening Cleanser with buffing volcanic stone.  It’s also 100% vegan, hypo-allergenic, and cruelty-free.  The volcanic stone gently polishes my skin to provide a smooth texture, while the mineral water, vitamin C, green tea, and orange oil boost radiance to give my face and neck a natural glow.  Surprising to me, even though it exfoliates and buffs my skin with the volcanic stone, my skin continues to stay hydrated over time.  (Which, if you’ve been here a while, you know is my major issue.)

As an added bonus, this face cleanser is surprisingly affordable, too.  It’s available at Whole Foods nationwide or you can buy it here (where it’s actually on sale right now!)

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Favorite Visitors: My Brother and Friends from High School

We had two groups of out of state visitors join us in Breck this month, my brother and two good friends from high school.  It was so much fun to be able to get them out on the slopes, even if for only a few days.  We skied, caught up, reminisced, drank Colorado craft beer, and danced to old school rock and roll.

These past two visits made it incredibly evident to me how important it is to keep in touch with those who are with you through think and thin.  I’m a terrible texter and I’m not known for my ability to keep in touch with a wide net of people.  But I am proud to say that I must be doing something right to still have these amazing people by my side to laugh with, cry with, and to call me on my shi* when necessary.


What are some of your favorite finds for 2017?

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Create a great life!

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