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Learning to Love Running

I feel it’s time for a little heart to heart here on SST.  So let’s talk about how much I am not a fan of running.  Yes, I am absolutely inspired by all of my lovely friends near and far running 5ks, half marathons, marathons, triathalons, ultra-marathons (< crazy people), but those have never made it to my bucket list.

But now here I am, writing a lovely (I think) blog about fun, fitness, fashion, and all the fun along the way… and I find myself incredibly inspired by YOU all.  You, the lovely runners that describe running as the time when you can let it all go and feel free. You, the ones who feel incredibly accomplished when you run at least 100 miles in a month (which also sounds crazy to me, but that’s another topic for another day.)  And you, the beautiful readers/commenters/bloggers who show me what a truly balanced fitness program looks like.  It’s not just made of muscle strength, it is also endurance and cardiovascular fortitude.


From Victory Fitness

So here’s my plan… While you guys know from my Weekly Workouts page that I love a well structured circuit, I’m thinking that maybe I can train myself to learn to love running by starting from scratch.  Yesterday, I started a 30 day training program that I found on Pinterest (link to my page below) that is designed to get me up to running 3 miles in that timeframe.  Realistically, I’ll likely add in my own HIIT workouts and hikes along the way so that I feel like I’m getting my favorite, intense sweats in, but the flexibility in this program will allow me to travel around while still staying committed to growing my running capabilities.

Since every 5k I’ve been remotely interested in has included a free hot chocolate or craft brew at the end, I’ll say CHEERS to trying to grow a love of running.  Let’s see where this road takes me!

A quick reminder that I am not a trained professional.  Always speak with your doctor before starting any training program.


If you’re a runner, what’s your favorite reason to run?  If you’re not, have you tried using this or a similar program to get you in the groove?

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