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Kitchen Sink Taco Night

My mom is in town for the week and, unfortunately, Ray and I had to keep our regular working schedule and weren’t able to spend a crazy amount of time with her across the weekdays.  With that in mind, we wanted to throw a little something special together to celebrate the weekend coming around on Friday night.  Since we didn’t have time to go to the store prior, Kitchen Sink Taco Night sounded like the perfect solution!


Ray and I have gotten into the practice of always having tortillas on hand so that we can have taco night on a moments notice.  We use whatever ingredients we have on hand to make tacos, or whatever the concoction might look like.  The lettuce and cherry tomatoes are actually from the salads we have for work day lunches, the meat (seen below) is ground beef that we have on hand for burgers, and who doesn’t always have some form of shredded cheese on hand, cha’ know?!


From there, we like to set taco night up buffet style so that it can be an informal activity,as well as prompt conversation leading into dinner time.  Forgive the haphazard set up in the photo below – if it was anyone other than my mom, we would have set this up to be a bit more tasteful.


Overall, this was a fantastic way to start celebrating the weekend.  We felt relaxed and well-fed for our planned activities Saturday morning, but we didn’t feel incredibly stuffed and unhealthy.  A pleasant, flexible way to enjoy my mom being in town!


What’s your favorite meal to throw together for guest?  Is there anything you absolutely have to include on your Kitchen Sink tacos?

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