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How to Overcome Failure & Come out Ahead

This is an honest post about how to face failure.  We all go through times in our lives where we just feel like we’re struggling to keep it all together.  Below is an honest account of how I hold myself together and my best tip for moving on and moving ahead.  I’d love to know your suggestions in the comments section below, too!

Let’s talk about these past couple of weeks, shall we?  I’ve been travelling non-stop, feel like I’ve gotten nothing done, and have been struggling to take care of myself.  While I’m excited about everything I’ve been up to, and cannot wait for the holidays ahead, I cannot help but honestly feel like I’m failing.  Since our wedding, I’ve fluctuated back up to my college weight (sans bar-hopping), feel like I’m way behind on a launch scheduled for December (more to come next week), and feel like I’m disappointing family by skipping some of our outings to get work done.  With me typing this post from 2-5 AM on Tuesday morning, I think it may also be needless to say that I’m not taking care of myself the way that I should be either.

This is not me complaining… this is me being honest and telling it like it is.  It’s one of those times in my life where I just feel like I’m failing and I’m getting nervous about taking the next step.

While I’ll talk in the newsletter this week about the tactic I’m trying to get myself in gear (subscribe at the bottom of the page), what I want to discuss now is facing fears in general.  And here’s the trick…

There is no trick.

In order to face our fears, we need to honestly and authentically make our dreams bigger than our failures.  We will constantly be facing our fears and will regularly get the feeling that we’re failing.  But if we’re living out our dreams, we will pick ourselves up by our boot straps, determine actionable next steps, and move on.

The truth is that most of the time, when we feel like we’re treading water and not getting anywhere, or if we actually bottom out and are failing “big,” we’re actually just taking those steps that need to be done to put ourselves in a solid place for success.

I’ve found that it’s in these moments that we’re actually just scared of taking the next step.  But it’s that next step that’s most important.

How to Overcome Failure

It’s when we overcome our fears and take that next step out of failure that we are led toward a fuller, more rewarding life.

If we allow a failure to hold us back from taking a productive next step, then we’re going to live a cautious life where we’re overly anxious and we’ll miss out on the great opportunities that come our way.

When you don’t know of a next step to take, and you feel like you’re too deep to get out of failure, first, know that we’ve all been there.  Then, I urge you to take some deep breadths.  Meditate, pray, and relax your mind.  Write down all of your options for your potential next move and you will have one that’s calling you towards living the life of your dreams.

If you still can’t find the answer, talk to an expert and/or doctor – I have at several points in my life and know how helpful it can be towards finding the appropriate path.

But, no matter what happens, know that we all will go through failures in our lives.  It’s being prepared, becoming comfortable with that feeling, and moving through that failure that will help us to create our best lives.


How do you face your failures?

What is your best suggestion for moving on after hitting a failure?

Create a great life!

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