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Holiday Mart & Denver Fashion Weekend

I know it has been a minute since my last weekend update.  Kind of a personal decision, but I’ve found that I prefer blogs where I feel that I’m a part of their daily life rather than one, speedy catch up across the week.  But that being said, this Saturday was one of the record books!

Friday was a fairly low-key night, leading into an early morning volunteering at our Junior League Holiday Mart.  While I’m not one to skip holidays and jump right to Christmas, y’all know I love getting my gifts purchased before Thanksgiving whenever possible.  I, unfortunately, missed the Holiday Mart last year, so this was my first time checking it out.  The event was HUGE, with hundreds of vendors.  I worked the opening shift on Saturday and there was a massive line down the block.  But hours later, I walked out with almost all of my Christmas shopping completed!

11 16 15_7 Prepping to volunteer… and taking a picture for Instagram (@semisweettooth), while our morning weather-girl (also an active Junior Leaguer) hangs out in the background.  Total fan-girl moment!


11 16 15_8

The line waiting for the Holiday Mart to open

11 16 15_9

One of my favorite vendors – Kabbage & Hugs


Saturday evening, after a slight break for some barbeque (typical), a blogger friend of mine (Natasha at Polished Avenue) and I attended a fantastic night of Denver Fashion Weekend.  Denver is definitely not a major metropolis of fashion, but the arts community –fashion included- has become a bigger and bigger part of the “scene” out here.  Six designers from Denver and two from New York put on a great show with a couple, primary consistencies.  If the shows tell us anything, we’ll be seeing a large amount of fabric blocking and intriguing back details coming our way in the near future.  The shows were incredibly well-done, however the show was supposed to start at 8 with some light appetizers prior.  It ended up starting at 10 with literally one, cold egg roll a piece prior.  With that being said, I’d absolutely attend again, but I would show up later after a big dinner – I was STARVING.

11 16 15_11 Grabbing a glass of Prosecco with Natasha at the Art Museum prior to heading to the show.

11 16 15_12

Natasha and I were incredibly honored to receive press passes due to our blogs, which allowed us access to the rehearsals and special VIP sections across the evening

11 16 15_13

Twisted Liar out of NYC won my “Best of the Night.”  The fabrics and overall aesthetics were both interesting and street style wearable.  Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Sunday was back to our regular, casual weekend with watching football and (finally) registering for a couple wedding gifts.  It was a fantastic way to prep for the big, holiday week ahead.  I hope your weekend was wonderful, as well!



What was the highlight of your weekend?  How does your hometown celebrate fashion?  Do they have a similar “fashion weekend” event?

Create a great life!

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