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Healthy Dessert: Frozen Yogurt Chocolate Drops

These Frozen Yogurt Chocolate Drops are a healthy dessert that are incredibly easy to make.  Plus, they curb my sweet tooth for the evening.  Featuring just a small hint of chocolate, these will keep your diet going strong, while still allowing you to enjoy a little bit of sweetness across the day.

When I last shared a healthy dessert on the blog, big fans emerged immediately (see here.)  Well, dear friend, let me tell you.  If you thought making banana ice cream couldn’t get any easier… do I have a surprise for you.

Frozen Yogurt Chocolate Drops are ideal to make as a family, or perfect to make when you just know you’re going to want a snack late in the weekend, even if you’re a big kid (ahem… me.)  Feel free to replace the chocolate chip with sprinkles or light sugar if you’re looking for a different type of flavoring.  But in our home, you can’t go wrong with chocolate.

Frozen Yogurt Chocolate Drops

Healthy Frozen Yogurt Chocolate Drops

Prep Time: 5 minutes; Freeze Time: 3 hours

Total Time: 3 Hours & 5 minutes

Yields: ~25 yogurt drops


  • One serving of your favorite flavored yogurt (I used Peach this time, but Vanilla Greek yogurt is also delicious)
  • 25 semi-sweet chocolate chips

Materials Used


  1. To prep, layer a sheet of wax paper to cover the base of your glass baking dish.
  2. With a kitchen spoon, pour all of the yogurt into one of the sandwich bags.  Using a pair of kitchen shears or traditional scissors, cut a small hole diagonally across one of the bottom holes of the bag.  This small hole will be how you “drop” the yogurt into the base of your baking dish in the next step.
  3. Squeeze the yogurt slowly into that corner of the bag (pictured below) and “drop” a small amount of yogurt onto the wax paper in the baking dish.  To do so, you should feel like you’re drawing a small dot onto the wax paper.  Feel free to add more yogurt to each drop as desired.  I prefer to have smaller drops to allow the chocolate flavor to pop more.
  4. On each drop, place a single chocolate chip.  This is where you can feel free to add sugar or sprinkles instead if you would prefer.
  5. Place in the freezer to harden for three hours or until they are of a hardened consistency.  Store in an air tight container up to 10 days.  Enjoy!

Frozen Yogurt Chocolate Drops _9

Frozen Yogurt Chocolate Drops _1

Dropping” the yogurt from the corner of the sandwich bag

Frozen Yogurt Chocolate Drops _2

Frozen Yogurt Chocolate Drops _6


I love hearing about new, healthy dessert options.  What are some of your favorites to make in the summer?

Create a great life!

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