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Great Gifting

I’ve recently been attending a large amount of gift giving events.  Wedding season, birthdays, and, of course, Mothers Day are right around the corner.  Because I’ve been having a lot of practice with these events in the recent past, I thought that now was the perfect time to pass along some of the recent best received gifts.  Hope some of these treat you as well as they’ve treated me!

For the Housewarming

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I found these on Etsy though a shop called LoveHandmadeJewelry.  These were perfect for my best girlfriend on her one-year wedding anniversary.  They had a big year, with their wedding, buying a new home, and getting their second dog.  Matching key chains were the perfect way to send my love from across the nation.



These pillows are an absolute blast, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.  This site has some great gifts if you’re willing to go a bit adventurous.  I got the mountain pillow for a friend that recently moved out to Denver.  I knew that the earthy tones matched her living room, and the print definitely helped her place feel a little bit more home-y in contrast to the neutral palate going on in her place right off the bat.

For the Classic Birthday Girl


While I’ve always been big on the monogram, I adore the sailor knot addition to these bracelets.  While Swell Caroline has some great products, these bracelets are my certain favorites.  You can pick between gold, rose gold, or sterling silver for the bracelet, thought either way, the monogram appears in silver, which is an awesome pop!



I adore fun signs placed strategically around classic homes.  No, they’re not the most timeless, but they definitely lighten the mood and make a place more comfortable.  Bonus points for anything related to vino!

For the Adventurous Mom


If you can’t be close to your mom (like me… #sadface), then I’d recommend sending your love from afar.  Yes, you may get carpel tunnel from cutting the hearts, but I’m certain that the reaction you’ll get will be worth the pain.  I’ll be honest to say that I typically do include a small gift with this type of gift, but it’s a blast to give and receive!


I love pieces that are both useable and that can create a memory.  While every mom has plenty of jewelry, finding a piece that is easy to wear, but provides a lil’ added pop (so that she gets those compliments!), makes these gifts mean even more.  While Kate Spade has some great, affordable, meaningful jewelry on sale, I love this $30 necklace from Powder & Jade.

Good luck!


What gifts do you love to give?  Anything that was incredibly well-received?

Create a great life!

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